Tokyo:- The magnificent tourist place

  • -Dec 03, 2021
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Tokyo is a worldwide tourist attraction due to its contrast adventure and suitability. This is highly recognized for its old sculptures and temples that have their own value and ethics.

Every street of Tokyo makes you feel the magnificent cause of beautiful arts and designs. The house of the Tokyo is designed uniquely with sloping roofs. You can feel a level of peace and positivity while you roam throughout the city.

Although there are wide of things that you can do if you visited Tokyo that enhances your experience of Tokyo visit. So let’s started and have a look at some places that are worth visiting.

Robot restaurant

Feel the high-tech technology at the robot restaurant with the neon lights. This is a theme-based restaurant with robotic shows.

Out of 100 restaurants, the robot restaurant is stand out as the most lovable and visited restaurant of all time.

Izakaya valley

Tokyo is widely famous for its bar and restaurants. The izakaya valley is one of them where people can enjoy drinks and Japanese food at affordable or cheap prices. If you are a food lover who loves to taste a variety of food, then this place is for you.

Sumo tournaments

Sumo is the national sport of Japan and 6 sumo tournaments are held every year. In these 6 tournaments, 3 were held in Tokyo due to the immense tourist gathering. These tournaments last for 15 days and have an incredible audience every year.

The sumo match is worth watching for, it gives you a breath-breaking experience. If you are ever in Tokyo in the future should never miss the sumo match.

Sensoji at Asakusa: Visit Tokyo’s Oldest Temple

This temple is situated at the historic center of Tokyo that is crowded all the time in every season. This place is best for photo clicking and understanding the culture of Tokyo more closely.

Never miss these places if you ever visited Tokyo and try Tokyo special noodles.