Offbeat Beaches in India

  • -Dec 03, 2021
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While we all love beaches, some people can only think of Goa as a perfect beach destination, and while going to Goa for a vacation is super fun, relaxing, and rejuvenating, there are several other beaches in India that are less explored but definitely the same amount of thrill, fun, and refreshing. Whether you are looking for a vacation spot to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated or a vacation where you can party your heart out with your friends, we have got a beach vacation spot for everyone!


  1. Malpe Beach, Karnataka


One of the most beautiful and exotic beaches in India which one should definitely visit to witness the formations of crystallized basalt rock that is truly a visual delight. You should visit here for a nice and relaxing time.


  1. Kondura Beach, Maharashtra


If it’s serenity and solitude you’re after, head to Kondura, a tiny fishing hamlet in the Vengurla region of Maharashtra. Unlike the other Maharshtarian beaches, this one stays quite clean and a walk on here would definitely do some good to your soul. 



  1. Lalaji Bay Beach, Andaman Islands


Primeval forests that seem to be straight out of the Jurassic age add to the enchanting aura of the emerald isles and a hike through them is perfect for those seeking adventure on a beach vacation. So if you got an adventurous soul then this beach is the perfect destination for you!


  1. Astaranga Beach, Odisha


Turquoise sea, solitary vibe and a beautiful, sandy beach makes this the best seaside destination along the coastal stretch in Odisha’s Puri district. This little hamlet is about 30 km away from the world heritage site, the Konark Sun temple.


  1. Tip Beach, Lakshadweep


With lovely big boulders to jump off, coral debris-filled rock pools, and tranquil tropical waters, this secluded beach is perfect for those who want to luxuriate in the lap of pristine nature.