Nandi hills- The paradise of Bangalore

  • -Jan 27, 2022
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If we talk about Bangalore, it is the most peaceful in happening place in Karnataka where you have a lot of options to visit and a variety of food to taste. We cant sum up Bangalore in a one-line or para as it is more than this.

Nandi hills are the most liked hill station of Bangalore that is situated 80km away from the  Bangalore airport. there is a variety of options from which you can reach the Nandi hills. In this blog, I am sharing some facts and tips that add more adventure to your trip if you are planning to Nandi hills.

Morning 3 am to 6 am is the best time to visit Nandi hills In the early morning. You can feel nature more closely at that time and get more enthusiasm. Clouds seem so close and the marvelous view of sunset makes the golden ray shine. This moment is worth enough to capture.

Tipu’s drop is situated at the top of the Nandi hills, which is the best place to enjoy the jaw-dropping view of entire hills stations.

This place is quite rocky and hilly where you can feel the clouds near you. Get some zeal and enjoy the silence that boosts up your soul.

Apart from the alluring view, it is likely to be known for its adventurous activities.  Rather than traveling by car or bike, you can opt for the cycling route. The early morning view of Nandi hills adds enthusiasm to your soul and makes you feel refreshes.

Paragliding, bungee jumping, and much more activity you can enjoy here as the Nandi hills are situated at the top of the city where you can see the whole Bangalore at a sort.  

Although you can enjoy camping and bonfire there and there is an option of resorts and hotels that, makes your trip memorable.

Next time whenever you plan to travel to Bangalore,  visit Nandi hills for sure add experience the beauty at your own