Mount Huashan: Deadliest Hike In The World

  • -Dec 03, 2021
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Adorned with influential Taoist temples, the mountain of Huashan has been part of folklore for thousands of years. Its five peaks make up the jagged mountain, with each one holding beautiful teahouses and shrines.

The sacred mountain is considered one of the famous “five mountains” in China. The religious site speaks about ancient Chinese culture and is 2154ft tall. It is located in the town of Huayin, which is only 120km from the popular Chinese City, Xian.

As history has reported, this ancient mountain was home to pilgrims who had climbed to the temples at the summit. The trek comprises vertical stairways, iron chains, and plank trails. Considered one of the most dangerous hikes in the world and at one point, the planks disappear and hikers must use small divots carved into the rocks to keep going.

At Mount Huashan, two things are often linked together: spectacular views and dangerous trekking. However, that doesn’t stop lots of hiking enthusiasts to visit this remote location and climb the rough terrain to overcome major challenges and their adventurous spirit.

The trails of Mount Huashan are not meant for the beginner hiker and definitely not for those for the faint of heart.


The dangers that we’re speaking of are:

  • Wooden planks suspended thousands of feet in the air
  • Chains hanging from the side of a cliff
  • Narrow steps the width of one-foot width
  • Bridges that swing while crossing
  • Lanyards and carabiners that have seen better days

There are 210 total attractions at Mount Huashan but some of the major ones are called -- Black Dragon Ridge, Thousand Feet Zhuang Path, Changkong Pank Trails, Chess Playing Pavillion, Golden Locks Pass, and more.

Additionally, all your fear and tiredness will be swept away once you reach the top of the summit. The spectacular views of sun-washed hills, the panoramic view atop the hill is everything worth visiting the place.