Gardens By The Bay: Must-See Sight In Singapore

  • -Dec 03, 2021
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"Discover a world where wonder blooms" and indeed the Gardens By The Bay is the must-see attraction in Singapore that you cannot miss.

It is undeniably one of the most surrealistic places you'll visit in this world that is spread over 101 hectares and which houses over 21,000 plants and floral species.

Get into a dreamscape that is a beautiful blend of flora and technology mixed together. From refreshing conservatories to family-friendly parks, luxurious outdoor gardens, and unique art sculptures, Gardens By The Bay is packed with a multitude of things to explore in Singapore.


Must-See Attractions In Gardens By The Bay

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forests is one of the two most breathtaking observatories (the second being the Flower Dome) inside Gardens By The Bay. Get ready to be mesmerized by some of the rarest species of flora and the spectacle of 35ft waterfalls and more

Flower Dome

People love to visit the colorful Flower Dome here. It is one of the largest greenhouses listed under Guinness World Records. Here you can wander and get mesmerized by the variety of exotic plants from five continents.

SuperTree Grove, Observatory & OCBC Skyway

SuperTree Groves are manmade tree-like structures that are 50 meters tall, adorned with beautiful vines and ferns. These technical supertrees support the OCBC Skyway that lets people have a closer look while strolling around these supertrees.

You can relax under the shade or take pictures when these trees come alive into the night with the awe-worthy lights.

Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy is another place that lets you glimpse the amazing florals from around the globe in one place. Get the whimsical colors, textures, and vibrance inside the floral land in gardens by the bay.

Art Sculptures

Definitely, the lush delight of the garden is surrounded by Art all over. You can witness some of the most incredible sculptures depicting stories of various kinds. A floating baby, life-sized topiary animals, gargantuan structures, and more can be spotted in Gardens By The Bay.

Heritage Gardens

This picture-perfect spot takes you to the diverse cultures and heritage of different countries- with the help of plants. The heritage garden is a combination of 4 gardens themed on -- India, Malay, Chinese & Colonial.

Explore a carefully manicured landscape that features plant cultures, waterfalls and fountains that appears majestic.