Find Peace, Natural Beauty and Scenic Views of Netherlands’ Leiden Canals

  • -Dec 03, 2021
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The Netherlands or Holland may be a small country, but it's packed with world famous icons. Discover bulb fields, windmills, cheese markets, wooden shoes, canals of Amsterdam, masterpieces of Old Masters, Delft Blue earthenware, innovative water-management and millions of bicycles.


Amongst one of the most developed and progressive nations of the world, the Netherlands offers an immersive and enriching travelling experience. With the most exquisite flowers blooming in the summer, refreshing showers in the fall, snowfall and nostalgia in the winter and the most colourful landscapes in the spring, the Netherlands has something to offer to everyone. From markets to gardens to the most absurd museums and shops, this country gives a 360-degree experience to its tourists, of a culture and lifestyle so diverse that it always stays with the traveller.


Canals Of Leiden


Leiden’s canals were incorporated into the city plan as early as the seventeenth century. The outer canal was dug to protect the city. The historic inner city is surrounded by a six kilometer moat. Leiden’s moats are among the biggest city fortifications in Europe with an intact structure. Leiden’s canals run through the city and are lined by docks on which trees have grown, to anchor boats.

Boating in Leiden

Discover Leiden from the water and enjoy an entirely new view. Tour the canals and moats and explore the historic inner city with its beautiful merchant houses and monuments with their wonderful facades. The Plantsoen is a fantastic city park contained within the moats. While boating in Leiden, you cannot avoid passing underneath extraordinary bridges, such as the Visbrug and Hoornbrug with its beautiful covered walkway.


There is a broad offering of boat tours and packages, but you can also rent an electric boat. If you rent an electric boat, you can easily dock your boat to enjoy a picnic or lunch. You can also stop at one of the countless eating and drinking establishments along the water to relax. Boat tour and package tickets are available from the shipping companies on Beestenmarkt, Blauwpoortsbrug or Apothekersdijk at a two to five minute walk from Leiden Central Station.

Beautiful surroundings

Leiden is also a perfect base for beautiful day trips nearby. Sail to the Kagerplassen, which everybody calls ‘de Kaag’. This is a large lake area at less than half an hour by boat from Leiden’ city center. With dozens of windmills and old farms along the water, this is one of the country’s most beautiful places to explore by boat. You can also sail to places like Katwijk, The Hague and even Delft.