Book Your Flights with Less Efforts

  • -Dec 03, 2021
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Picking the right flight for your international travel can be tricky. There are some of the preferences that travellers toggle between – some prefer time of travel, some only fly their favorite airline and some want a specific transit airport. But for most, there are two vital factors that dominate their decision-making – flight fare and duration of travel.

If you decide you want to reach your destination as soon as possible, flight fares are usually unreasonably expensive. So then you decide to go easy on your pocket, but now you have to circle the world twice before getting to your destination! How do you tackle this?

International travel planning can be time consuming and confusing with so many factors to consider for a flight booking like price, duration of the flight, departure time and the time you want to arrive at the destination city. Users start planning much in advance and research repeatedly over a period of time to get the most optimal fares within the parameters they are comfortable with.

User’s pain points:

1. During your research phase, you may find many flights that interest you but it is not practical to note down those flights for future reference.

2. There is no single view to compare and track the current prices of all the flights you are interested in since these flights can be across dates. This requires multiple searches.

3. International flight prices fluctuate every day. While you are in your research phase the prices can go up or down and you might miss the best price.

We strive to make your travel planning simple and enjoyable. We help you organize and compare the flights you like across various onwards and return combinations, track fares across individual itineraries and get notified if the fare is about to increase. Thereby eliminating the pressure and fatigue of researching those itineraries, and helping to get the job done with minimum effort.