Best hills station to visit worldwide

  • -Dec 03, 2021
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Nature is the place where you get peace of mind and freshen up your soul. No one can ever get bored with the natural beauty that’s why people prefer hills nation over the fascinated places. If you are planning your next tour for any hill station place then we are sorting a few for you.


Srinagar, India

India is widely known for its wide range of hills stations that attracts most of its tourists in the overall year.  From north to south it is full of the hill station where Srinagar comes on the top due to its beautiful gardens and lakes that are situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from this it is known as queens of hills and considered as paradise.


Great smoky mountains, USA

The great smoky mountains of the USA are one of the finest hilly ranges that are known for their foggy presence. Here you can enjoy skating,  paragliding, or bungee jumping if you are an adventure lover, this place is for you. It has approx  2025m Himalayan range that is absolutely perfect for whiter water rafting.


Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara hill station is situated in Nepal is near the Indian- Nepal border. It is spread approximately 55.22kilometer square area and has convenient transport services. The best part is, it has snowfall from November to December where can feel the cool weather and lakes where you can enjoy boating and river rafting. The tracking and base camp is the major activities that you can do if you love camping.


Kakadu National Park, Australia

Australia is also enriched with hill stations as it has a wide range of hill stations in which Kakadu national parks are one of them. It has a beautiful waterfall and landscape view that makes your soul fresh and calm. Apart from this, the wonderful artwork gallery and seaside activities make it different from other hill stations.


Dalat, Vietnam

Dalat is one of the best hill stations in Vietnam that is enriched with a variety of species of flora and fauna. Small colonies and hotels are established here, from there you can look at the amazing view of Dalat hills. This place is the perfect choice for mountain bike sports like biking, hiking, and canoeing.