Awesome and Budget Friendly Destinations for Family Vacation Across The World

  • -Dec 03, 2021
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The family vacation is one such experience where you get to experience everything together, making up for all the lost time in the chaotic urban lives. Bonding over bonfire or scuba diving with family or enjoying a hideout in nature with your loved ones – family vacation has its own charm. But the biggest hurdle to planning a family vacation can sometimes be budget and destination. Well, we have got it covered in this blog with this list of best Places to visit with family on a budget. The list is a complete deal, offering all sorts of vacation for all sorts of families.




The land of infinite beaches, Indonesia is the picture-perfect destination for your family beach vacation. A country with rich heritage and culture, Indonesia and its tourist destination ensure that you get to experience every aspect. From its crowded and popular tourist beaches to the secluded Islands to dense forest reserves and heritage sites, Indonesia offers something for your travel appetite. Once you are done with exploring the hidden treasures of Indonesia, you can head out to explore the popular Indonesian travel destinations like Bali and Jakarta. Indonesia also boasts of its mesmerising rice fields and wildlife reserves; hence it is a perfect destination for those families seeking solace amidst the luxury of nature.




Malaysia is truly a land of diversity – from cultures like Indian, Chinese, European and Malay, you will find the influence of each of these in the architecture and heritage of the country. Also a great beach destination, Malaysia is perfect when you crave for that sun, sand, and sea vacation. The country is also perfect for those looking for a quaint family getaway in the luxury of nature. Rest assured, the lush green mountains, hidden waterfalls and alluring beaches along with rich heritage and culture make up for a memorable vacation with family.




The biggest country in the world (area wise), Russia is one of the best destinations for a family trip. A country of diverse culture, language, geography and people, Russia is quite literally a surprise waiting for you. The first impression of the country might be that the people are unfriendly but give Russia some time and it’ll grow on you. From its historical sites to offbeat quaint villages, the country offers so much to witness. Russia also features some of the most exotic locations on earth ranging from mountains to lakes to beaches to tourist-friendly modern cities.




Singapore is well ahead of its time with ultra-modern technologies and is one of the most famous tourist destinations. A land of futuristic marvels, sky touching buildings and the night light, Singapore is the picture-perfect family destination for you. From its offbeat trails to adventure sites to luxury hotels, this sovereign state ensures that you don’t leave disappointed. It is also famous for its kids’ attractions which compel many to select Singapore as their family trip destination. The place has infinite possibilities, one moment you’d be hiking and the very next moment you could head to an underwater aquarium. Singapore is also one of the best shopping destinations in Asia.