5 Things To Do On Ko Phi Phi Island In Thailand

  • -Dec 03, 2021
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From being the backdrop of the famous Leonardo DiCaprio movie the Beaches to the beloved location of the tourists, Ko Phi Phi island in Thailand is known for many things and here we are to discuss the same.

Scroll down the list below because here you will get all your “what to do on Ko Phi Phi island” answers here”

Get Under The Water On Phi Phi

Scuba Diving and swimming with marine life is probably the first thing Ko Phi Phi is known for. Imagine going underwater and seeing the varied fisheries, corals, limestone walls, and colorful sea anemones, etc.

The seascape to Phi Phi will definitely your best lifetime experience.

Take A Boat To Explore Viking Caves

Viking Caves are yet another stunning addition to the beauty of Ko Phi Phi island.

Although the caves are now banned to be visited by tourists, the tour operators on the day trips stop their boats to let the tourists view the charming Viking caves.

The cave’s walls depict the Viking ships hence the name, it is also believed that the cave art was first drawn by gypsies ad pirates who came to seek shelter from the rain.

Enjoy The Loud Partying Experience

The parties here are hard to beat!

Ko Phi Phi is specifically known for having loud incredible parties at the beaches. That is why this stunning island is a perfect gateway for celebrity hideouts too! These legendary parties are organized by the local bars at Phi Phi combined with mouthwatering food and electronic music.

Get The Taste Of Fresh Cuisines

When you get bored of the beaches and parties, then hop down the train to taste the famous mouthwatering dishes of Thai Cuisine.

From Thai Chicken Green Curry to Pomelo Salad, Khao Po Tod, or Flat Thai Noodles, in Phi Phi, you will find the taste and richness in the spectacular dishes served.

Make Memories In The Land Of Smiles

Lastly, If you’re a city dweller and in need of peace Ko Phi Phi is the right place for you to spend the holidays with your loved ones. One night here and it will indeed be a place to remember for a lifetime.