• -Dec 03, 2021
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Monsoon season is one of the best seasons that cherish the beauty of nature via waterfalls, seashores, soothing soil smells that make you fall in love with rain. Most people think this is not the right season to travel but this is your myth I am telling. If you are a traveling lover or travel blogger then this is the right time to explore the world where you can feel the natural vibe more closely.

There is a lot of places that look beautiful in the monsoon season only where rain gives the touch of intense beauty to the landscape. The light fog, thunder, and cool weather make you feel exotic and enhance your traveling experience. Here I listed few places where you should visit this monsoon and cherish your monsoon moment.                                                                  



If you want to feel the touch of soothing monsoon season then Bali is the best option you should opt for. Here monsoon starts from October and stays till April and then over and December is the time when the most rainfall occurs.                                                

The view of the landscape enhances the beauty of the place and the traveling options are cheap in this season that can be good for your pocket as well. If you are fond of islands and beaches then Bali is enriched with it.



Asian countries come on the top of the list when it comes to the monsoon season trip. It adds to the beauty with its beautiful sunrise as it is known as the land of sunrise. 

The hydrangeas festival is celebrated in Tokyo in the monsoon only on the occasion of the blooming of hydrangeas flowers. Apart from this, the beautiful gardens gave you a view of the amazon scenery look.



Thailand is known for its beautiful monsoon that stays almost all over the year. The Southwest side of Thailand is full of lush green forests and seashores that give you the essence of paradise feel. 

You can visit  Koh Samui, Koh Tao, and Koh Phangan in this monsoon season during the Thailand trip that gives you the best experience. If you are a photogenic person then this place is for you, where you can click the beautiful pictures of the landscape that enhance the beauty of your photo collection.