• 17 Nov 2021

Nepal:- Tangible Serenity that soothes your soul and gives you a lifelong experience

Nepal is a diverse country that is full of tangible experiences that enhance your zeal and fill your souls with enthusiasm. Mainly Nepal is situated in the Himalayas region and is full of hills and mountains that attract visitors from all around the world.

Although Nepal never fails to fascinate its visitors and their hospitality services are beyond appreciation. Thereby, this place is the perfect choice to visit this November. The weather is quite cool and you can feel the serenity at its peak these days. 


Reasons to visit Nepa

Apart from mountains and hills stations, there is a wide range of reasons that makes Nepal a more adorable tourist attraction. So, without any delay let’s have a look at some good places that makes you feel happy and refreshed.



Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal itself that comes under the UNESCO world heritage sites. Thereby, there is a wide range of historical monuments and temples that gives you new experiences when you visit.


Boudhanath Stupa (Bodhnath)

Boudhanath stupa is situated near Kathmandu city. The Boudhanath Stupa is the very tallest building that symbolizes peace and spirituality. It is summing up with the five foremost elements of the earth that make our lives livable.



Pokhara is the well-known hill station of Nepal that is full of adventurous activities such as trekking, hiking, Bungie jumping, water sports, boating, and many more  activities are there that makes it a more adventurous place than peaceful


Chitwan National Park

Chitwan national park demonstrated the wildlife part of Nepal that is full of flora and fauna. Although you can enjoy the jungle safari and the best time to visit Chitwan national park is October to February where the tourist range is accordingly high.


Summing up 

Nepal is the place where you can get peace and life-changing experiences at the same time. This time, visit some tangible places of Nepal and get the leverage of their hospitality.

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  • 10 Nov 2021

Pink City:- The Blend Of Incredible Culture And Versatile Tradition

Jaipur is a city of alluring culture and versatile culture that attracts tourists from all over the place. The best part of Jaipur is its rich heritage and amazing tourist places that are worth visiting if you are planning your trip to the Jaipur.

It is very hard, to sum up, Jaipur in limited words but with the help of this blog we tried the same and described some opulent places that add charm to the Jaipur beauty.


History Of The Pink City

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan state and was founded in the year 1722 by Maharaja Jai Singh. Currently, King Sawai Padhmanbh Singh is the king of Jaipur who is 21 years old.


Places To Visit In Pink City Jaipur

When it comes to visiting places in Jaipur, there is a wide range of places that add serenity to Jaipur’s history and its culture.

Amer fort is situated near 11 km to the Jaipur state and spread across an area of 4square kilometers and has several charismatic places to visit such as watchtower, Jaigarh fort, sheesh mahal, roop mahal, and alluring gardens make it more fascinating.

City palace is the most visited and famous palace of Jaipur city. This place has its own values due to the opulent art of creation and the mesmerizing collection of kind and queen Dresses (Poshhak ). If you want to understand and learn more about Jaipur history visit Jaipur once and feel the royalty of


Shoppings attraction

Apart from tourist places, there are a lot of shopping attractions in Jaipur such as Badi Chaupad, Choti Chaupad, Bapu Bazar,  Saraogi mansion and many more places are there that has the recognition for quality clothes.


Food attraction

If you are a food lover then Jaipur is the best place to roam.  Kota kachori, Gulab Ji ki chai, Sahu Misthan Bhandar, masala Chawk, and there are a lot of places that attract the tourist to the JaipurC visit.

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  • 31 Oct 2021

Dubai- Tangible Place To Travel On This Winter Season

Dubai is known for its tangible cultures and versatile heritage sculpture that has the power to attract tourists to visit once in a while. Dubai is one of the richest countries in the world that is enriched in amazing food and adventurous places to explore the new amenities.

Without any delay will have the look at the places that are worth visiting this winter season in Dubai.



Dubai Jumeirah is enriched with the flora and fauna that make this palace more adventurous and loving. Apart from this, Jumeirah beach, Theme based park, amazing restaurants, amazing parks are worth seeing.


Dubai Harbor

Dubai harbor is known for its innovative and technological aspects that make it different from other places. When you will visit this place you can feel the different enthusiasm with the new zeal.

Apart from this, it is the biggest technological terminal that has an amazing tourist attraction every day.


Dubai Marina

All we heard is about the Dubai marina, but if you haven’t heard about it then let’s talk about the Dubai Marina and its palpable visiting places.

Dubai Marina is the largest man-made port that is full of skyscrapers and hosts the Jumeirah beaches with a wide chain of markets, Restaurants, hotels, and adventurous places.



Burj Khalifa is the tallest building and a global icon that attracts visitors across the global world.

It is the perfect blend of science and technology in one shot.

Apart from that, Dubai mall, Dubai fountains, hotels, and restaurants kept the admirer busy with the Burjkhalifa.


Downtown Dubai

Downtown is the city in Dubai that is highly developed and fill with the new market tactics that are designed as per the technological aspects.

Although it is a highly developed and modernized city that is situated in between the new Dubai and the border of Sharjah city in the north.

So if you want to spend your holidays really well then don’t miss out on visiting Dubai.  As it will give you a lot of memories and a new experience of adventure which you will not forget in your whole life.

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  • 29 Oct 2021

Top coldest places to visit this winter

2021 is about to end and winters are on their way to knock on our door.  Winter is the most loving weather to enjoy a trip across the globe to soothe your soul and feel the enthusiasm. Let have a look at some places where we can roam this winter and enhance our experience with beautiful memories.


Whitefish, Montana.

Whitefish, Montana is one of the top skis destinations that is covered with snow throughout the winter season. The lakes, trees, and landscape are worth viewing and exploring.

Apart from enjoying the cozy holiday, you can opt for some adventurous sports such as skating, skiing, Joring, and many more things that will fill you will zeal.


Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is the largest freshwater lake that flows across the sierra Nevada mountain. The late-night parties and events are amazing to enjoy. Apart from this, you can enjoy water sports, biking, snow activities, golf, and a waterfall view.

 Food and amazing restaurants are the major tourist attraction of lake Tahoe.


Matanuska Glacier, Alaska, USA

Matanuska Glacier is the valley glacier in the state of Alaska, USA. This place has the most visiting gathering all across the valley due to the snowfall and places covered with snow that is mesmerizing enough to glance and capture.

You can enjoy ice-skating, picnic, walking and feel the enthusiasm while roaming in the walk of Matanuska glacier.


 Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake bled is situated in the north-western region of Slovenia. The time to visit this lake is winter where you can enjoy the picnic and sizzling adventurous sports to get a long-lasting experience. 

This winter makes more memories and visits these places to make your soul happy and refresh. No soul can be happy if they will not travel and roam the world. Ensure your winter trip with proper understanding and planning.

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  • 29 Oct 2021

Alluring places to visit this upcoming winter season

Winter is the most loved season of every residence. Thereby winter is the only season when you can feel the different side of nature that is not possible in any other season.

Most of us heard that the winter is only good for staying at home and enjoying the weather but this is not true. Although there are a lot of places that you can visit this upcoming winter season and enhance the experience that stays long-lasting.



Seychelles is the most visited and loved honeymoon destination. This place is most like place due to its amazing beaches, landscape, food, shopping and weather that makes it different from other places.


Greece is known for its tangible places and alluring culture that attract tourists from diverse. places. In only Greece, there are approx more than 6000 Iceland and uncountable beaches that are worth watching for.

Amazing food and alluring places attract the customers to spend their holiday and earn uncountable memories.


This winter plan your trip to Bali as the people said that if you have never been to Bali then you haven’t seen heaven yet. This is actually true in reality as well.

The minimal temperature of Bali is 27 to 29 degree celsius that is quite good to go out. Apart from this, you can enjoy the Kuta festival and music nights that happen only in the mild winter season only.

Kerala, India

Kerala is the most loved and surreal destination of India that is famous for its backwater attractions. The average temperature of Kerala is approx  24 to 31 degrees celsius that is soothing and good to go out in the winter season.

Munnar, Varkala, Munnar, Alleppey, Wayanad, and many more places of Kerala are mostly visited in this coming winter season.

Never let your inner soul die and plan your trip to these amazing places this winter.

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  • 20 Oct 2021

Rishikesh - The Holy Land Of India

Rishikesh is the place of the holy land where you can get the experience of Hindu mythology more nearly. This place is the perfect blend of culture, adventure, thrill, tranquility, and piousness that refreshes your soul and gives you a sample experience.

The best part of this place is you can feel the peace and amazement in every place you visit. The history of Rishikesh is wide in itself where you find new facts every day that amaze you with thrill and adventure.

More than a holistic palace, Rishikesh is an adventurous place. Let’s go through those places and learn about them a bit more closely.


Har ki Pauri

Har ki Pauri is mainly situated in the Haridwar that is just 35 km away from the main Rishikesh. This place has its own value and ethics in Hindu mythology.

This is situated at the bank of river Ganga where Ganga aarti has its own values. Visitors come from different places to see this Ganga aarti only.  The big thali, loud music, and delicious prasad fascinate the visitors most.


Laxman Jhula

Apart from the Ganga aarti, Laxman Jhula is the second largest tourist attraction of Rishikesh. According to the mythological fact, the Shri ram and Laxman Ji cross their path with this bridge to reach the destination village.


Beatles cafe rishikesh

Rishikesh is also a food destination that you can’t resist visiting. You can taste a variety of food and dishes from Rishikesh culture.



Apart from learning and eating, you can feel the adventure as well. The river rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, flying box 

Rishikesh is surrounded with Serendip amaze and peace that souls your soul and fills you with enthusiasm. This time when you visit Rishikesh, add these to-do things to your bucket list.


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  • 15 Oct 2021

Deadliest hiking spots across the globe

Everybody says they are traveling and adventure lovers but some of us prove this. Loving nature and roaming the world is easy but making these adventurers and breath-breaking is up to you.

Hiking is one of those adventures that need enthusiasm and zeal to complete. Your every step is dealing with your life and all need to be very clever and active enough to hike the track.

Not every track is the same and neither is their experience but one thing that is the same is the goosebumps and long-lasting experience that is worth it.

Let’s have a look at some deadliest and dangerous tracks that are worth hiking.

The maze, USA

This track is situated near Moab, USA. It is spread approximately 8 miles and the path is quite curvy dangerous.

Before making your mind plan your trip to the maze, all you need to make your mind and body strong to deal with the tactics.

El Caminito Del Rey, Spain

The overall length of EI Caminito Del Rey is about 7.7 km. the best part about this track is its adventurous spot that makes it more likely to be on the trekking bucket list.

The extremely hilly areas and thorny routes are worth enough to hike once in a lifetime. 

Huayna Picchu, Peru

Huayna Picchu is the most adventurous and widely spread mountain in Peru. The climbing is cool but is extremely dangerous due to the steep climbs and sloppy routes.

Half Dome, USA

The half dome trail of the USA is the attraction of most adventurous lovers that are intended to climb the hills. This trail is quite good but all you need to check the weather and keep yourself in touch with a guide every time because there is a chance of losing networks are most likely to happen.

Never let your inner spirit die and fight with your fear with add-on adventures and zeal in it. Pour out some time and plan some hiking trips to get the long-lasting experience

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  • 13 Oct 2021

Prague- the alluring culture and eminent tradition

Prague is a place of blue skies and amazing landscapes. It is known for its beautiful sunset view that soothes the souls and refreshes the minds of travelers with the amazing surroundings.

The old temples and their historic monuments are worth seeing. Let’s have a look at these and add zeal to our souls.


Prague Castle (Former home of Prague king )

Prague castle is situated near the city and it is the foremost tourist attraction due to its long time history.

If you want to understand the ancient culture and lifestyle of Prague, you must visit Prague castle.


Charles bridge

Europe is worldwide famous for its wide range of bridges and sculptures. Charles bridge is one of them which is the home of exclusive statues and ancient monuments.

October is the foremost best time to visit Prague due to the less crowded and spectacular sunset view that is calm enough to soothe your soul.


National museum

The national museum of Prague is filled with all the exemplary fields and Serendip culture where you can hire a guide while you need to understand the Prague culture.

After the fresh renovation, it became a more subtle and prominent part of Prague and more new things are added that make it more capable to get the attention of customers. 


Old town square

The old town square of Prague is known as the historic center where you can feel the essence of Prague culture and tradition more closely.

Old churches, splendid churches, historic artisans make it more beautiful to adore. If you wanna know more about Prague culture, spend some time and feel the Prague vibe.

It’s never too late to roam somewhere, travel the world, and get the long-lasting experience that adds a bit of knowledge to your mind. 

This time plan your trip to Prague and visit some offbeat places to feel the real adventure.


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  • 13 Oct 2021

Nandi hills- The paradise of Bangalore

If we talk about Bangalore, it is the most peaceful in happening place in Karnataka where you have a lot of options to visit and a variety of food to taste. We cant sum up Bangalore in a one-line or para as it is more than this.

Nandi hills are the most liked hill station of Bangalore that is situated 80km away from the  Bangalore airport. there is a variety of options from which you can reach the Nandi hills. In this blog, I am sharing some facts and tips that add more adventure to your trip if you are planning to Nandi hills.

Morning 3 am to 6 am is the best time to visit Nandi hills In the early morning. You can feel nature more closely at that time and get more enthusiasm. Clouds seem so close and the marvelous view of sunset makes the golden ray shine. This moment is worth enough to capture.

Tipu’s drop is situated at the top of the Nandi hills, which is the best place to enjoy the jaw-dropping view of entire hills stations.

This place is quite rocky and hilly where you can feel the clouds near you. Get some zeal and enjoy the silence that boosts up your soul.

Apart from the alluring view, it is likely to be known for its adventurous activities.  Rather than traveling by car or bike, you can opt for the cycling route. The early morning view of Nandi hills adds enthusiasm to your soul and makes you feel refreshes.

Paragliding, bungee jumping, and much more activity you can enjoy here as the Nandi hills are situated at the top of the city where you can see the whole Bangalore at a sort.  

Although you can enjoy camping and bonfire there and there is an option of resorts and hotels that, makes your trip memorable.

Next time whenever you plan to travel to Bangalore,  visit Nandi hills for sure add experience the beauty at your own

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  • 06 Oct 2021

Vacation Hotspots In Alibaug

The corporate world is booming intensely. You need some rest and comfort in nature that promotes fresh oxygen and the sound of water. Alibaug is a sensational holiday vacation spot for families and couples, which is booked entirely on weekends mostly. There are some awesome braces in Alibaug, where you can relax and enjoy a fantastic time with your loved ones.

Let’s find the top beaches in Alibaug where you can enjoy fantastic vacations.

Alibaug Beach

This is one of the beautiful beaches in Alibaug, where you will find a blue ocean at the front and a green canopy at the back. Alibaug beach is closest to the Kolaba ruins, where you can visit by taking a boat.

Varsoli Beach

If you want peace while watching the dancing sea in Alibaug, Varsoli beach is a fantastic venue. The place is too calm and you will find ample natural beauty here with high coconut trees. The coastline has dotted rocks where you can sit, relax and enjoy the beauty.

Nagaon Beach

This is one of the busiest beaches in Alibaug, where you can enjoy horse riding, water sliding, and a motorbike. The awesome views of ruins make it fascinating when you check the western part of the sea.

Kashid Beach

Kashim beach is situated at the coastline part of Alibaug, where you will get a peaceful and beautiful climate every time. It is a perfect place for those who want to spend some lonely periods in the arms of nature.

Murud Beach

A breathtaking view where the sea divides into the layers of white surfs into the coastline makes Murud beach a fantastic place in Alibaug. You can visit Janjeera fort from the coastline to get a 360-degree view of the Arabian Sea.



Alibaug is a place where you can calmly experience the best moments with your loved ones. To reach here, you can take a flight to Mumbai and visit Alibaug by taking a ferry ride from Kolaba.

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  • 29 Sep 2021

Maldives - The real paradise of the world

The Maldives is the only place that is on the travel bucket list of every traveler, if it’s not then you must add it. This is the only place that is considered heaven. This place is full of adventure and activity that soothes your soul and freshen up your mind. If you want real peace then you must travel to the Maldives once.

Here, I am sharing some good places that you must visit if you are ever in the Maldives in the future. Let’s have a look at it and add zeal to your soul.

Male Island is full of pubs, theme-based restaurant and national museum that is worth wandering. Thereby this is also the best option for night parties and shopping from the local vendors.

Banana Reef island is majorly known for its best diving site and water sports. The clear blue water and scuba diving add adventure to your trip to the Maldives.

Baros Island is a major tourist attraction due to the indoor and outdoor activities in the sand. The beaches and seawater are worth watching for. The shark sees the point and the old lighting lounge bar is good to enhance your soul.

Veligandu Island is all about seawater, beaches, private scheduled beaches, and villas where you can spend a luxurious time with your loved ones.

Beach cuisines and dinners are good to enjoy. Apart from this, you can enjoy a surfing and diving experience with experience and trained guides.

The Maldives is a place that is full of islands, we all know. Watching the sunset in thought the quiet seashore is mesmerizing. The clear water and seafood are worth traveling for.

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  • 29 Sep 2021

Some off-beat places of goa

Goa is widely known for its splendid beaches and seashores that attract plenty of tourists all over the year. Most people think that the goa has the only one loved for its beach view but this is not true. Hence, there are lot of hidden places in Goa that is barely well known in the tourist.


Arvalem caves

Goa is the place that is home to hidden caves and Indian sculpture. These caves are purely gave you the essence of nature and their beauty enhances as rainfall happens.

If you ever visit goa in the future, then you must visit this place as it is surrounded by nature and the peace that soothes your soul from deep inside.



The bigfoot is the well-known museum of goa that is enriched with the ancient heritage and art sculpture of goa in a splendid way.

If you want to know the culture of goa from very near then this is the best way to interact with. The large hidden caves and sculptures make it more explorable.


Mayem Lake

If you got bored of visiting beaches in goa then you can opt for the mayhem lake. This lake is surrounded by lush green plants and Serendip peace.

Apart from this, if you love water sports then this place is best for you to visit where water sports competition is held every day.


Chorla Ghat

This Chorla ghat is situated at the border of goa-Maharastra and Karnataka. These western ghats are full of lush greenery and waterfalls.

Although this place is enriched with the flora and fauna and well recognized due to its biodiversity. If you are a nature lover, then this place is for you.

Never neglect the off-beat places whenever you visited some tourist places. These places are hidden gems that barely came into existence and in front of people.

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  • 25 Sep 2021

Tokyo:- The magnificent tourist place

Tokyo is a worldwide tourist attraction due to its contrast adventure and suitability. This is highly recognized for its old sculptures and temples that have their own value and ethics.

Every street of Tokyo makes you feel the magnificent cause of beautiful arts and designs. The house of the Tokyo is designed uniquely with sloping roofs. You can feel a level of peace and positivity while you roam throughout the city.

Although there are wide of things that you can do if you visited Tokyo that enhances your experience of Tokyo visit. So let’s started and have a look at some places that are worth visiting.

Robot restaurant

Feel the high-tech technology at the robot restaurant with the neon lights. This is a theme-based restaurant with robotic shows.

Out of 100 restaurants, the robot restaurant is stand out as the most lovable and visited restaurant of all time.

Izakaya valley

Tokyo is widely famous for its bar and restaurants. The izakaya valley is one of them where people can enjoy drinks and Japanese food at affordable or cheap prices. If you are a food lover who loves to taste a variety of food, then this place is for you.

Sumo tournaments

Sumo is the national sport of Japan and 6 sumo tournaments are held every year. In these 6 tournaments, 3 were held in Tokyo due to the immense tourist gathering. These tournaments last for 15 days and have an incredible audience every year.

The sumo match is worth watching for, it gives you a breath-breaking experience. If you are ever in Tokyo in the future should never miss the sumo match.

Sensoji at Asakusa: Visit Tokyo’s Oldest Temple

This temple is situated at the historic center of Tokyo that is crowded all the time in every season. This place is best for photo clicking and understanding the culture of Tokyo more closely.

Never miss these places if you ever visited Tokyo and try Tokyo special noodles.                   

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  • 15 Sep 2021

Top destinations to celebrate a bachelorette

The bachelorette party means a lot for every person who is getting married soon. This is the time where they can enjoy with their friends or bride maids before tied the wedding knot.

Whether you are a boy or girl, a bachelorette signifies importance in everyone’s life If you are getting married soon and thinking about some good places to celebrate your bachelorette party then this blog will help you for sure.

Nassau, the Bahamas

If you want to celebrate your bachelorette on a beach destination, then you can opt for Nassau that is situated in the bahamas.

You can spend your vacation with your friends and get an amazing collection of photos as well. This place is full of adventures and best for theme-based parties.

Apart from this, you can enjoy water sports, pool games, and volley and many more to make your bachelorette more memorable.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is the place where you can spend a complete vacation with your friends and create a lot of good memories. You can play various games, activities, dinner, parties, and relaxation. We all know that the bachelorette is all about the games and spending a good time with your friend who is getting married.

Ibiza,  Spain

Ibiza is the best party destination worldwide and famous for its nightlife adventure. The place is budget-friendly and there are a lot of things to do rather than drinking wine or chilling with friends. Explore Ibiza and enjoy the trip

Austin, texas

The budget matters a lot whenever we look for or thinking of organizing a bachelorette party. Cause everyone has a different budget and we can’t stress our bride due to this budget problem. So Austin is the place that is affordable and a good option to celebrate the bachelorette party.

Add more happiness and a collection of incredible memories on your bachelorette that will stay forever with you and your friends.

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  • 09 Sep 2021

Best hills station to visit worldwide

Nature is the place where you get peace of mind and freshen up your soul. No one can ever get bored with the natural beauty that’s why people prefer hills nation over the fascinated places. If you are planning your next tour for any hill station place then we are sorting a few for you.


Srinagar, India

India is widely known for its wide range of hills stations that attracts most of its tourists in the overall year.  From north to south it is full of the hill station where Srinagar comes on the top due to its beautiful gardens and lakes that are situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from this it is known as queens of hills and considered as paradise.


Great smoky mountains, USA

The great smoky mountains of the USA are one of the finest hilly ranges that are known for their foggy presence. Here you can enjoy skating,  paragliding, or bungee jumping if you are an adventure lover, this place is for you. It has approx  2025m Himalayan range that is absolutely perfect for whiter water rafting.


Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara hill station is situated in Nepal is near the Indian- Nepal border. It is spread approximately 55.22kilometer square area and has convenient transport services. The best part is, it has snowfall from November to December where can feel the cool weather and lakes where you can enjoy boating and river rafting. The tracking and base camp is the major activities that you can do if you love camping.


Kakadu National Park, Australia

Australia is also enriched with hill stations as it has a wide range of hill stations in which Kakadu national parks are one of them. It has a beautiful waterfall and landscape view that makes your soul fresh and calm. Apart from this, the wonderful artwork gallery and seaside activities make it different from other hill stations.


Dalat, Vietnam

Dalat is one of the best hill stations in Vietnam that is enriched with a variety of species of flora and fauna. Small colonies and hotels are established here, from there you can look at the amazing view of Dalat hills. This place is the perfect choice for mountain bike sports like biking, hiking, and canoeing.

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  • 04 Sep 2021


Monsoon season is one of the best seasons that cherish the beauty of nature via waterfalls, seashores, soothing soil smells that make you fall in love with rain. Most people think this is not the right season to travel but this is your myth I am telling. If you are a traveling lover or travel blogger then this is the right time to explore the world where you can feel the natural vibe more closely.

There is a lot of places that look beautiful in the monsoon season only where rain gives the touch of intense beauty to the landscape. The light fog, thunder, and cool weather make you feel exotic and enhance your traveling experience. Here I listed few places where you should visit this monsoon and cherish your monsoon moment.                                                                  



If you want to feel the touch of soothing monsoon season then Bali is the best option you should opt for. Here monsoon starts from October and stays till April and then over and December is the time when the most rainfall occurs.                                                

The view of the landscape enhances the beauty of the place and the traveling options are cheap in this season that can be good for your pocket as well. If you are fond of islands and beaches then Bali is enriched with it.



Asian countries come on the top of the list when it comes to the monsoon season trip. It adds to the beauty with its beautiful sunrise as it is known as the land of sunrise. 

The hydrangeas festival is celebrated in Tokyo in the monsoon only on the occasion of the blooming of hydrangeas flowers. Apart from this, the beautiful gardens gave you a view of the amazon scenery look.



Thailand is known for its beautiful monsoon that stays almost all over the year. The Southwest side of Thailand is full of lush green forests and seashores that give you the essence of paradise feel. 

You can visit  Koh Samui, Koh Tao, and Koh Phangan in this monsoon season during the Thailand trip that gives you the best experience. If you are a photogenic person then this place is for you, where you can click the beautiful pictures of the landscape that enhance the beauty of your photo collection. 

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  • 31 Aug 2021

Mount Huashan: Deadliest Hike In The World

Adorned with influential Taoist temples, the mountain of Huashan has been part of folklore for thousands of years. Its five peaks make up the jagged mountain, with each one holding beautiful teahouses and shrines.

The sacred mountain is considered one of the famous “five mountains” in China. The religious site speaks about ancient Chinese culture and is 2154ft tall. It is located in the town of Huayin, which is only 120km from the popular Chinese City, Xian.

As history has reported, this ancient mountain was home to pilgrims who had climbed to the temples at the summit. The trek comprises vertical stairways, iron chains, and plank trails. Considered one of the most dangerous hikes in the world and at one point, the planks disappear and hikers must use small divots carved into the rocks to keep going.

At Mount Huashan, two things are often linked together: spectacular views and dangerous trekking. However, that doesn’t stop lots of hiking enthusiasts to visit this remote location and climb the rough terrain to overcome major challenges and their adventurous spirit.

The trails of Mount Huashan are not meant for the beginner hiker and definitely not for those for the faint of heart.


The dangers that we’re speaking of are:

  • Wooden planks suspended thousands of feet in the air
  • Chains hanging from the side of a cliff
  • Narrow steps the width of one-foot width
  • Bridges that swing while crossing
  • Lanyards and carabiners that have seen better days

There are 210 total attractions at Mount Huashan but some of the major ones are called -- Black Dragon Ridge, Thousand Feet Zhuang Path, Changkong Pank Trails, Chess Playing Pavillion, Golden Locks Pass, and more.

Additionally, all your fear and tiredness will be swept away once you reach the top of the summit. The spectacular views of sun-washed hills, the panoramic view atop the hill is everything worth visiting the place.

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  • 21 Aug 2021


Every weather has its own charm that would refresh your soul and enhance your traveling experience. In the September months the early autumn season has started that is best for traveling. 



Barcelona is an amazing tourist destination that has a high crowd of tourists every year. September is the best time to visit here. The weather is still warm and beaches are not fully jammed. This is the best time to enjoy sea-shores, music festivals, world heritage sites, and Barcelona summer festivals that is widely famous that happens every year.



In the September months, the Oktoberfest is celebrated in Munich that has a high crowd. People came from various places to enjoy this fest. Apart from this, this is the best time for surfing, another option for visiting the site is Neuschwanstein Castle that is situated over the mountains and it is known as the sleeping beauty castle of Disneyland. Munich is enriched with museums and art galleries that are established in the late 17th century.


Greek islands

September month is best for sunbathing and wandering in Greece. This place is enriched in the best sea shorelines and turquoise blue water that makes you still for the moment. Apart from this, the churches and ancient ruins make it more beautiful.



Singapore is the best option for traveling in every season as it has a different charm that attracts visitors. It is the least expensive city that is pocket-friendly.  Marina Bay, Universal Studios, Sentosa Island, China Town, Botanical Garden, Orchid Garden, Helix Bridge, Civilian War Memorial. Apart from this, you can opt to go for cruising tours, art tours, cultural tours, and food tours. Although, Singapore is the best place where you can opt to go for shopping at night. 



Peru is the best option for those who are trekking lovers. September is the best time for trekking in Peru as the weather is quite soothing and exotic which gives you a breathtaking experience. Apart from this, in September month, the crowd is less and the weather is excellent with the starting of Machu Picchu’s shoulder period.

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  • 19 Aug 2021

Gardens By The Bay: Must-See Sight In Singapore

"Discover a world where wonder blooms" and indeed the Gardens By The Bay is the must-see attraction in Singapore that you cannot miss.

It is undeniably one of the most surrealistic places you'll visit in this world that is spread over 101 hectares and which houses over 21,000 plants and floral species.

Get into a dreamscape that is a beautiful blend of flora and technology mixed together. From refreshing conservatories to family-friendly parks, luxurious outdoor gardens, and unique art sculptures, Gardens By The Bay is packed with a multitude of things to explore in Singapore.


Must-See Attractions In Gardens By The Bay

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forests is one of the two most breathtaking observatories (the second being the Flower Dome) inside Gardens By The Bay. Get ready to be mesmerized by some of the rarest species of flora and the spectacle of 35ft waterfalls and more

Flower Dome

People love to visit the colorful Flower Dome here. It is one of the largest greenhouses listed under Guinness World Records. Here you can wander and get mesmerized by the variety of exotic plants from five continents.

SuperTree Grove, Observatory & OCBC Skyway

SuperTree Groves are manmade tree-like structures that are 50 meters tall, adorned with beautiful vines and ferns. These technical supertrees support the OCBC Skyway that lets people have a closer look while strolling around these supertrees.

You can relax under the shade or take pictures when these trees come alive into the night with the awe-worthy lights.

Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy is another place that lets you glimpse the amazing florals from around the globe in one place. Get the whimsical colors, textures, and vibrance inside the floral land in gardens by the bay.

Art Sculptures

Definitely, the lush delight of the garden is surrounded by Art all over. You can witness some of the most incredible sculptures depicting stories of various kinds. A floating baby, life-sized topiary animals, gargantuan structures, and more can be spotted in Gardens By The Bay.

Heritage Gardens

This picture-perfect spot takes you to the diverse cultures and heritage of different countries- with the help of plants. The heritage garden is a combination of 4 gardens themed on -- India, Malay, Chinese & Colonial.

Explore a carefully manicured landscape that features plant cultures, waterfalls and fountains that appears majestic.

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  • 14 Aug 2021

Witness Diversity At Singapore Streets

Singapore is rightfully called the place where the east meets the west. The most popular tourist destination in the world, Singapore is known for many many things but one such is the vibrant diversity that you can witness with your loved ones.

The manicured streets and skyscrapers lie side by side with the religious neighbourhoods from around the world. Here you can find a beautiful blend of cultures and attractions that are influenced by Indonesia, Malay, India, Arab and more!

Let’s take a peek at some of the most popular neighbourhoods in Singapore:

Arabian Street

Arab street got its name from the owner who first ran this place. Today it is a famous hub for mouthwatering Asian delicacies, local street markets, Haji Lane,  stunning architectures and more.

Additionally, there are small vibrant markets that sell Turkish and Arab souvenirs at cheaper rates. We have no doubt that Arab Street will make your visit to Singapore worth it.

Little India

Singapore’s Little India is another cultural neighbourhood that is full of beautiful attractions. You just cannot leave without witnessing the buzzing street here. Here you can find delicious Indian food wafting by, hear the chants of the mantras from religious temples and Indian people passing by with the biggest smiles on the face.

This popular neighbourhood sure will bring a sense of familiarity and all the desi vibes to one place.


Chinatown as the name suggests is a Chinese inspired neighbourhood where you can find Daoists shrines.

Chinatown is a place that must not be missed while travelling in Singapore. This area is proud of its heritage and is in full display. The most famous landmarks here consists of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Art Galleries, Red Dot Design Museum, Pagoda Street, Thian Hock Keng Temple etcetera. 

Marina Bay

Not all the neighbourhoods of Singapore are bursting with cultures of the past. Marina Bay is the most vibrant and iconic neighbourhood that speaks for Gen Z’s and the fast pace future.

Not only it is a luxurious shopping mall but also is surrounded by Gardens By The Bay, Observation Decks and a beautiful place to stay and relax.

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  • 10 Aug 2021

Sigiriya: The Ancient Fortress Of Sri Lanka

Sigiriya is the ancient stone fortress in Sri Lanka that was built by King Kasyapa of Sri Lanka back in the fifth century. The stone fortress got its name (which originates from the word Sihagri, "lion rock") from the shape of its edifice, which looks like a giant lion from far.

Sigiriya once the monastery became the royal residence of the King and was again abandoned after his death. The structure again re-discovered now is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Locals also call this place the Eight Wonder Of The World with its unique look and astonishing architecture that is surrounded by the harmony of nature.

What To See At Sigiriya?

The Ancient Stone fortress Sigiriya is a complex network of walls, palaces, water fountains, and more that sets the example of the most urban architecture known to mankind.

You can do many thing things here:

Climb The “Lion Staircase”

Thanks to the weathering of years the structure have lost its formation but the feet survives till now. The feet make way for the staircase that leads up to the mountain where you can climb and see its many attractions.

Look For Sigiriya Graffiti On The Wall

The Mirror Wall was once the most unique thing to see, it is said that the mirror was so clean that the king and his queens used to see their reflection. However, due to centuries of neglect, the mirror wall is turned into orange-ish color and now serve as the place where you can find the famous “Sigiriya graffiti” 

You can find scribbles in the Tamil, Sanskrit, and Sinhalese languages on the walls. There are also paintings and inscriptions of the female queens/midwives of the king wearing precious jewelry according to that time and tradition.

Must-See Water Sights

The fortress also has one of the oldest landscaped gardens, which is the most beautiful site to witness.

Some time ago, Sigiriya was known to have over 100 bathing pools, ponds, and fountains. Some of them had beautiful pavilions set up nearby, that served as a peaceful place used by royal households for leisure purposes.


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  • 08 Aug 2021

Best Street Art To Capture In The World

“Graffiti is like fungi. If you abandon a wall or building—that is where our pieces will sprout.” - Angel Yulo

Whoever came with the idea of putting art on the walls was a genius. It not only prompts thought-provoking satirical messages but also beautifully captures political commentary and iconic playful comedic graffiti to make passers-by smile.

Here’s a list of the best locations to see street art and get transfixed.

Iconic Street Art In Canggu, Bali

Notably famous artists like Quint, Dnztwo, Anna Bronza, and more have left their footprint on the walls of Canggu in Bali. In fact, if we look at it art is very deeply permeated in the Balinese culture itself. The Bohemian vibe mixed with the out-of-the-box dramatic pieces has converted the walls of Canggu into a beautiful landscape that many tourists like to visit.

Today it has become so trendy that the art that was only limited to walls and abandoned buildings are being used as a decoration to adorn the top-rated cafes and salons.

Urban Grafitti In Bangkok

Bangkok is known as Asia’s emerging street art destination. The short walk from the RatchathewiStation will take you to the Chalermla Park also fondly known as "Graffiti Park" where you can view plenty of artworks like a three-eyed rabbit tumbling down and a big fish by Alex Face.

You can also head over to China Town to experience more quirky street arts along the way.

Beautiful Murals At Manila Philippines

Molino Road, The Collective, Nagtahan Bridge, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio Goodfriend Bridge are some of the places where you can go hunting for vibrant street art in Manila Philippines.

The Filipino State Art Project is an endeavor that has to dedicate their lives to capture and document the street art of the Philippines.

Breathtaking Artwork In Singapore

Unlike the adage that Singapore is famous for shopping and perfumes, shining skyscrapers, and metals, the city also houses one of the best street arts in the world.

Be it Chinatown, Little India, or Haji Lane street, there is plenty of graffiti that can be spotted around.

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  • 04 Aug 2021

5 Things To Do On Ko Phi Phi Island In Thailand

From being the backdrop of the famous Leonardo DiCaprio movie the Beaches to the beloved location of the tourists, Ko Phi Phi island in Thailand is known for many things and here we are to discuss the same.

Scroll down the list below because here you will get all your “what to do on Ko Phi Phi island” answers here”

Get Under The Water On Phi Phi

Scuba Diving and swimming with marine life is probably the first thing Ko Phi Phi is known for. Imagine going underwater and seeing the varied fisheries, corals, limestone walls, and colorful sea anemones, etc.

The seascape to Phi Phi will definitely your best lifetime experience.

Take A Boat To Explore Viking Caves

Viking Caves are yet another stunning addition to the beauty of Ko Phi Phi island.

Although the caves are now banned to be visited by tourists, the tour operators on the day trips stop their boats to let the tourists view the charming Viking caves.

The cave’s walls depict the Viking ships hence the name, it is also believed that the cave art was first drawn by gypsies ad pirates who came to seek shelter from the rain.

Enjoy The Loud Partying Experience

The parties here are hard to beat!

Ko Phi Phi is specifically known for having loud incredible parties at the beaches. That is why this stunning island is a perfect gateway for celebrity hideouts too! These legendary parties are organized by the local bars at Phi Phi combined with mouthwatering food and electronic music.

Get The Taste Of Fresh Cuisines

When you get bored of the beaches and parties, then hop down the train to taste the famous mouthwatering dishes of Thai Cuisine.

From Thai Chicken Green Curry to Pomelo Salad, Khao Po Tod, or Flat Thai Noodles, in Phi Phi, you will find the taste and richness in the spectacular dishes served.

Make Memories In The Land Of Smiles

Lastly, If you’re a city dweller and in need of peace Ko Phi Phi is the right place for you to spend the holidays with your loved ones. One night here and it will indeed be a place to remember for a lifetime.

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  • 31 Jul 2021

Top 5 Unique Museums In Dubai

Dubai is known for its wealth, oils, skyscrapers, and beautiful nightlife. It also holds records for having countless unique structures. These structures also comprise some of the best and unique museums which have been described below:


1. Etihad Museum


Spread over 25,000 sqm, Eithad Museum is one of the architectures that beautifully captures the history of the UAE. By getting the full view of this whole gallery, you get to explore how Dubai was formed and whom. That is why it is built in the same place where the constitution was signed in 1971.


The unique white architecture in the shape of the constitution was designed by Canadian architects Teshima and Moriyama. Here you can see exhibitions, maps, interactive videos that show us about history. You’ll be actually impressed by how educational they are!


Location: 1 Jumeriah St Dubai UAE



2. House of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum


This museum was built in the year 1896, which was initially the home of the ruler Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum and his children. This museum will portal you back to the ruler’s reign and his life.


At the exhibit in the Sheikh Mohammed palace in Zabeel, you will find an impressive collection of the numerous artefacts from the period of the rule of Sheikh Saeed Mohammed, as well as some of his used personal artefacts. Some of the possessions include Coins, photographs, jewellery and stamps.


Location: Al Fahidi - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


3. Coffee Museum


Coffee Museum is a one of a kind place to discover the roots of Dubai. With countless artefacts and antique things, one can enjoy both the coffee and the knowledge that is being drafted by them. It is built inside historic buildings and gives all its tourists the chance to live inside old Dubai.


The coffee brewing sessions here are a must for coffee lovers!


Location: Historical Neighborhood, Bastakiya, Villa 44 - Al Hisn St - Al Fahidi - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


4. The Museum Of The Future


This museum will avert your attention with its bizarre architecture. Some people call it an eye, some name it as a Torus representing the future, giant hula hoop, a doughnut is part of locals reference. Call it what you want but this looming construction project which is still in progress is definitely a head-turner.


 According to the architects, the solid part of the museum represents the knowledge that we already have and the hole represents the knowledge that we do not know yet i.e. the future.



Location: Sheikh Zayed Rd - Trade Centreالتجاري الأولي - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


5. Women’s Museum


Women’s Museum located in Deira close to Dubai gold souks, The house is also called Bait al Banat that literally translates to the Girl’s home.


The museum is a perfect portrayal of how Emirati women have contributed to society and are still continuing the roles. Honoring the value and hard work of women from different facets of life from both past and present is this museums’ masterpiece.


Location: Al Sabkha, Gold Souq, Near - Al Khor Street - Deira - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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  • 28 Jul 2021

Top 4 Dreamy Resorts In Maldives

There may be several contenders for the best dreamy resorts in the world but the Maldives is the most glam, an over-the-top destination that is a must for travel enthusiasts.

Read on to find out the best-rated resorts in the Maldives.

The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort

St. Regis Vommuli Resort is probably one of the most alluring islands nestled onto the Indian Ocean. This resort probably took its inspiration from the marine life as it looks like a giant grey lobster, with a Whale Bar its counterpart. Their beautiful accommodation with a great range of facilities highlights a walk-in closet, iPad control rooms, floor to ceiling windows that offer great scening views of the crystal clear waters.

If we talk about food, St. Regis offers 6 distinct dining options. You can delight in Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and other international cuisines. Here wonderful open bars like Crust & Craft offer scrumptious food that overlooks the calming waters.

Constance Halaveli & Constance Moofushi

Members of the Constance Hotels & Resorts these two resorts are in the Maldives are known for housing chic villas on the dazzling white sands. They are a combination of providing luxury in the simplicity of calming nature.

They are a prime location for ultimate rejuvenation in the form of spa, Indonesian head massages around the blissful ambiance created by nature and turquoise waters.

Kandolhu Maldives

Each of the 30 grand villas at this wonderful resort is a dream for travel as well as architecture fans, with five distinct floor plans that capture the property. Soak in a bathtub set behind floor-to-ceiling windows with nothing but blue insight. If that isn't enough to keep you on the road then Kandolhu's best Inclusions plan covers all meals at the five start multi-cuisine restaurants, wines can be found in your personal wine chiller, and more, it also either including one snorkeling tour or sunset cruise per person, per stay. 

Soneva Jani

Make an unforgettable experience at Soneva Jani. Soneva Jani is also eye-catching because of a slide attached to the villas that let us get access to beautiful waters. And it’s not for kids of course!. It also features a hammock that is literally built in the middle of turquoise waters. Water sports is another thing that all the tourist that visit here loves.

What’s more amazing is the delectable dining preparations that are made by using fresh herbs, botanicals organically picked up to serve nature’s delight.


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  • 26 Jul 2021

Best Countries for Solo Travelers

You love traveling but you prefer to do it solo? If that’s the case, you have come to the right place. Traveling solo is one of the best forms of self-care and growth. If you out to gain the Eat, Pray, Love experience or you just enjoy your company more than anyone else, or you prefer to do things your way without taking the input from others, or if your friends aren’t able to join you so you have decided to travel solo, well whatever the case may be, let us tell you that we truly support you!

Traveling solo is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. When you travel solo, you get a chance to meet so many new people and learn about their lives, their culture; you get a chance to spend more time with yourself which helps you in enjoying your company the most, you learn that being alone does not mean being lonely. It reminds you that the world has so much to offer and the only thing that you have to do is take the first step towards exploring, the rest will follow suit.

If this is the first time you are planning to travel solo to another country, then we have the aptest list of countries where you might love to travel solo. Whether it’s a short or a long trip that you are planning, this list will help you make the best choice. You want to travel for leisure or you are looking to embark on adventures, we are here to guide you through it all!


  1. Iceland


This country is a haven for people who have adventurous souls. Iceland will leave you awestruck with its beauty and will make you want to stay a little longer. Perfect for outdoors lovers, with caverns and caves to explore, volcanoes and glaciers to hike, and geothermal spas to soak in. And the good news is that it is one of the safest and is considered one of the most peaceful countries in the world, making it perfect to spend some time with yourself.


  1. Netherlands


Always saw the endless field of one of the most beautiful flowers on the internet, that is, tulips in a wide range of colors? Well, it’s time you get to experience the surreality of these fields in real life! Head to the Netherlands in the months of April-may and you will not be disappointed!


  1. Norway


Always dreamt of standing under the Northern lights? Well, it’s time that you fulfill that dream of yours! A trip to Norway between November and March will land you there during peak aurora borealis season.

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  • 23 Jul 2021

Arunachal Pradesh: A Land of Love and Prosperity

Arunachal Pradesh, the least explored state in India is also one of the most magnificent clusters of landscapes to visit once in a lifetime. The calming weather that soothes the soul throughout the year and the spectacular and heart-pleasing flora will surely take your breath away. The beauty of Arunachal Pradesh lies in the fact that it is still untouched, hence an unspoiled land. Treading in this beautiful territory either alone or with someone is an adventure that’s worth having. Whether you are an adventurous person or crave to spend some time leisurely in a cottage-like homestay in the lap of nature, then the state of Arunachal Pradesh must be your next vacation spot.

Let’s take a look at all the things one can do or the places to visit which will make you fall in love with the beauty of Arunachal Pradesh, also known as the Land of Dawn-lit Mountains.


  1. Sela Pass


However and whenever you travel to Arunachal Pradesh, make sure that you never leave this place out of your list. The snow-laden path that leads to Sela Pass is an adventure of its own and when you finally reach there, the least we can say is, you’ll be left awestruck. A sense of calmness and peace resides on this pass which is also considered sacred and it is said that hundred of the lakes can be seen through this pass. Infact, it is quite famous for the twin lakes, also known as the Sela Lakes. The enormous height of 13,700 ft adds to the mystery and charisma of this place.


  1. Ziro Valley


If you are a fan of music festivals and have fun whenever you attend one then make sure you go to the Ziro Music Festival at least once in your life. This is the right place for you to visit if you wish to learn about the rich culture and traditions of Arunanchal Pradesh that are extraordinarily amazing and will surely leave an imprint on your heart.


  1. Dirang


A place perfect for anyone who wishes to explore the miracles of nature while trekking. Dirang boasts of pleasant weather throughout the year which makes it a perfect spot for trekking in all seasons. Go with your family or your friends, this place is bound to create your trip to Arunachal Pradesh a memorable and exciting experience which hopefully you’ll cherish forever.


  1. Solung Festival


Taste the local alcoholic beverage in Pasighat, famous for its rice beer. This place offers so many activities to indulge in which will make your heart sing and the experiences you have here will be cherished forever. From rafting, fishing, angling, boating, and many other activities while taking in the spectacular vistas is an amazing affair.

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  • 18 Jul 2021

Offbeat Places to Visit in Himachal

  1. Malana – Experience the rich culture and learn about the deep-rooted history of the hills and their people in Himachal.

Key attractions: JamulaDevta Temple, Rasol Pass, Chalal Trekking Trail

  1. Tirthan Valley – A gem hidden amid serenity and peace. A must-visit place for anyone who wants to relax, unwind and rejuvenate in the hills.

Key attractions: Serloskar Lake, trekking trails, waterfalls

  1. Chitkul – The key attraction of Chitkul is the organic farms and farming. One gets to witness the divine nature of fruit-bearing plants. You can also learn a thing or two about gardening. The valley is known for its potatoes and peas of great quality.

Key attractions: Mathi Temple, Charang Chitkul Pass, Lalan Ti

  1. Pabbar Valley – Quite, calming, and untouched, Pabbar Valley is one of the most scenic places in Himachal. Taking a stroll in this valley amidst the background soothing sounds of nature is possibly the best gift you can give yourself!

Key attractions: Chandarnahan Trek, Saru Trek

  1. Thanedar – Home to numerous orchards of juicy apples and cherry, Thanedar is an unexplored but one of the most beautiful and peaceful towns of Himachal which gives a spectacular view of snow-laden mountains.

Key attractions: Stokes Farm House, apple orchards, Hira Mahal Palace

  1. Shoja – Witnessing a sunset from the top of the hills is one of the most memorable and calming moments and in Shoja, you’ll experience that and more with the breathtaking sunset vistas!


Key attractions: Raghupur Fort, Chehni Kothi

  1. Barot – Witness the wildlife at Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary and experience the thrill of existing in the same landscape as some wild animals. Barot is also perfect for some outdoor activities like camping and trekking, making it a complete package for all adventurous souls.

Key attractions: Uhl River, Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary, Barot Temple

  1. Gushaini – If you wish to camp under the stars, amidst the scenic views and nature with your friends or alone, this is the place. Gushaini has also been nicknamed the Trout town because it is famous for its trout fish which is extensively found there.

Key attractions: Shringa Rishi Temple, Great Himalayan National Park

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  • 16 Aug 2021

Offbeat Beaches in India

While we all love beaches, some people can only think of Goa as a perfect beach destination, and while going to Goa for a vacation is super fun, relaxing, and rejuvenating, there are several other beaches in India that are less explored but definitely the same amount of thrill, fun, and refreshing. Whether you are looking for a vacation spot to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated or a vacation where you can party your heart out with your friends, we have got a beach vacation spot for everyone!


  1. Malpe Beach, Karnataka


One of the most beautiful and exotic beaches in India which one should definitely visit to witness the formations of crystallized basalt rock that is truly a visual delight. You should visit here for a nice and relaxing time.


  1. Kondura Beach, Maharashtra


If it’s serenity and solitude you’re after, head to Kondura, a tiny fishing hamlet in the Vengurla region of Maharashtra. Unlike the other Maharshtarian beaches, this one stays quite clean and a walk on here would definitely do some good to your soul. 



  1. Lalaji Bay Beach, Andaman Islands


Primeval forests that seem to be straight out of the Jurassic age add to the enchanting aura of the emerald isles and a hike through them is perfect for those seeking adventure on a beach vacation. So if you got an adventurous soul then this beach is the perfect destination for you!


  1. Astaranga Beach, Odisha


Turquoise sea, solitary vibe and a beautiful, sandy beach makes this the best seaside destination along the coastal stretch in Odisha’s Puri district. This little hamlet is about 30 km away from the world heritage site, the Konark Sun temple.


  1. Tip Beach, Lakshadweep


With lovely big boulders to jump off, coral debris-filled rock pools, and tranquil tropical waters, this secluded beach is perfect for those who want to luxuriate in the lap of pristine nature.

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  • 14 Jul 2021

Top Budget-Friendly Countries to Visit

If you are a travel freak but don’t wanna spend too much, then you have come to the right place. Let’s take a look at what all countries you can travel to if you are on a budget.


  1. Thailand


Starting from clubbing, swimming into turquoise watered beaches, experimenting with street food, the vibrant markets where you can find anything that fascinates you, the beautiful night skyline, the rejuvenating spas to relax your senses, and last but not the least the polite and easy-going people of Thailand, everything about this country will make you want to stay a little longer.


  1. Bhutan


Known for its natural beauty and the vast expanse of unexplored terrains, Indians can visit this country without a passport! This is one of the happiest, peaceful and tranquil countries in the world and not to forget, it’s definitely quite cheap!


  1. Srilanka


Known for the amazing beaches, absolutely lip-smacking cuisine, and the Ramayana connection – this country has something to offer for one and all.


  1. Nepal


Nepal is incredibly cheap but definitely a fun country to visit. You can get a good meal here for the cost of a Starbucks coffee and the rooms here are super cheap as well. There is someone for everyone here; whether you are going with your family or your friends, you are gonna have a great time.


  1. Vietnam


One of the best places for backpackers all around the world, this is also one of the cheapest countries to travel from India. With ample natural beauty, its rich heritage and history you are bound to return with a soul satisfied.


  1. Singapore


Our southern neighbor is one to reckon with when it comes to selecting a country for your international trip. With the Ramayana and Buddhist connection, there is a significant cultural pull for visitors from India. With beautiful and peaceful beaches it can be a top choice.



  1. Mexico


Whether you’re looking for a beach holiday or wanting to dive into the local culture, there is so much to discover in this huge country. If you really want cheap, you have to explore the rest of Mexico.

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  • 11 Jul 2021

Best Water Parks in India to Travel to this Summer!

Summertime calls for a fun and exhilarating vacation. Every summer is incomplete with a holiday with family. It’s the best time to rejuvenate and relax. The scorching heat in the summer is too hard to handle and while as vibrant and chirpy summer mornings and evenings are the afternoons can be a little tricky to plan, especially on a vacation. This is why we have come up with a list of the best water parks in India where you can visit and have the best time! Nothing beats the feeling of playing in the water when the sun is gracing us with its rays. Beat the summer heat when you travel to these waterparks which have some amazing and offbeat water rides to explore!


  1. Water Kingdom, Mumbai


If you live in Maharashtra or traveling to Mumbai in the summers then going to the Water Kingdom is the best decision you’ll ever make. The rides here different and the fun quotient increases with each ride you take. It is also the biggest water park in India and definitely one of the most exciting ones to visit.


Timings: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Ticket Price: Adults: INR 920; Child: INR 649; Senior Citizen: INR 378

Website: www.waterkingdom.in


  1. Wonder La, Bangalore


This water park is one of the favorites of all age groups because it has a lot of rides to offer whether you are a child or an adult. It is practically impossible to cover all the rides in one day so we’d recommend you to go as soon they open their gates for an exhilarating and exciting day ahead.


Timings: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Ticket Price: Normal Days: Adults - INR 890; Child/ Senior Citizens - INR 720; Kids - INR 150.

Peak Days: Adults - INR 1120; Child/Defence/Senior Citizens - INR 890; Kids - INR 150

Website: www.wonderla.com


  1. World of Wonder (WoW), Noida


WOW is an extremely popular water park situated in the heart of Noida frequently visited by people of all ages who are anticipating a thrilling time. An easy place to go for recharging yourself, a lot of events take place here from time to time and it's awesome if you can make it there for one of them.


Timings: 12:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Ticket Price: Weekdays: Adults- INR 999; Children - INR 849; Senior Citizen -INR 450

Weekends: Adults - INR 1200; Children - INR 900; Senior Citizen - INR 450

Website: www.worldsofwonder.in

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  • 08 Jul 2021

Beautiful Backwaters of Kerela

Traveling to God’s Own Country is an experience one should never miss out on. Kerela is one of the most beautiful places to travel to either on a solo trip, with your friends, or your or family. No trip to Kerela is complete without exploring the marvelous backwaters in Kerela, they are utterly beautiful. Imagine being in the middle of the crystal clear turquoise waters flowing by the refreshing and lush green palm trees; the humming sound of the birds and the rustling leaves amidst the calm of the waters is extremely calming for the soul. A relaxing and rejuvenating vacation awaits you in Kerela! Let’s take a look at all the best backwaters which are a must-visit.


  1. Valiyaparamba backwaters, Kasaragod


How to Reach:


The nearest railway station is the Payyanur railway station

The nearest airport is the Calicut International Airport


Things to Do:


Visit the Bekal Fort

Join the Mangrove Trail of Malabar

Go boating, bird watching, hiking, and have an amazing time!


  1. Ashtamudi Backwaters, Kollam


How to Reach:


The nearest railway station is Kollam Junction

The nearest airport is Trivandrum International Airport


Things to Do:


Stay in Floating Huts

Enjoy your stay at  Luxury Resorts like Palm Lagoon Band Aquaserene Backwater Resort

Explore the rich heritage


  1. Sasthamkotta Backwaters: The Queen of Lakes, Kollam


How to Reach:


The nearest railway station is Kollam

The nearest airport is Trivandrum International Airport


Things to Do:


Visit the Sastha Temple to Worship Lord Ganesh

Feed fruits and nuts to Monkeys

Go boating and fishing


  1. Padana Backwaters, Kasaragod


How to Reach:


The Nearest railway station is Kanhangad

The nearest airport is the Calicut International Airport


Things to Do:


Learn mussel farming

Visit Kareem’s Forest

Go on moonlit houseboat cruises


  1. Thiruvallam Backwaters in Thiruvananthapuram


How to Reach:


The nearest Railway station is Thiruvananthapuram

The nearest airport is Trivandrum International airport


Things to Do:


Canoeing & Kayaking

Ride on Kettuvaloms

Visit village cruises and floating bridges

Learn the craft of building houseboats


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  • 03 Jul 2021

Best Wedding Destinations in India

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that person who decided to make the union of two people such a beautiful and heartwarming event. Everything has to be perfect on the wedding day. The attention which is put into all the details makes it much more beautiful. The venue of the wedding also holds a lot of importance in the making of the perfect wedding. When your venue is finalized and it’s exactly how you dreamt of it, then half of the work is already done then and there.

A lot of couples nowadays are shifting to destination weddings. Getting married at your favorite destination, whether it’s a valley or a beach destination. Let’s take a look at the top 5 destinations in India to get married in and why they are so special?!


  1. Jaipur


The Captial of Rajasthan, a city of palaces and steeped in rich history is a perfect destination for any couple who wishes to get married in a regal way. Feel like royalty when you take your wows in a city that oozes the charisma of the regal heritage of Rajasthan. From the palaces to the pink color of the walls, from the vibrant market to the exquisite Rajasthani cuisine, everything will be a treat for you and your guests!


  1. Gulmarg


If heaven were on earth, Gulmarg would be it. It is truly the most serene and surreal place to ever visit. Imagine getting married near the snow-capped mountains, a lake market that seems it came right out of a fairy-tale, and of course, how can the local food and flowers be forgotten which tingles all your senses. A destination wedding in Gulmarg is a dream come true, a dream which is more beautiful more than anything else.


  1. Goa


If you are a couple who wants a beach wedding and at the same time party their hearts out then Goa is the perfect destination for you. A wedding in Goa will not just be a memorable event for you but your family and friends as well but make sure that you don’t choose summertime for this beach wedding.


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  • 29 Jun 2021

Head to Homestays in the Hills for your Next Vacation

We are all too frustrated after spending more than a year at our houses due to the lockdown. We agree that there is no place like home, yet we also believe that it’s important to get away from the four walls of our house and travel to a faraway place that secludes us from our routine and brings a dash of positivity and rejuvenation to our lives. While some vacations are meant for satiating our hunger for adventures and our lust for exploration, other vacations are meant to spend time leisurely in the lap of nature.


Imagine being surrounded by the lush green magnificent trees amidst which you’ll find a vivid but unseen variety of breathtaking flowers that are being kissed by the feather-like butterflies and while you are there, you can also hear the birds chirping, the rustling of the leaves due to the wind and the soothing sound of a waterfall just near you, all of this emitting a song that makes your soul happy and your mind calm. To cater to this dream we highly recommend for you go and stay amidst the harmony of nature in a homestay. Spend some time away from the stress and hustle-bustle of everyday life and rejuvenate yourself by staying at a beautiful, comfortable, and cozy homestay with your family.


Enjoy the local culture and learn but the distinguished traditions of the Pahadis and make sure that while you are there, you are indulging in the delicious and homemade dishes cooked by the locals. Take a walk amid nature, or meditate in the morning, or read a good book that will take you on a journey of its own. You could also learn a little bit about the people and the place you decide to visit. Spend your time leisurely doing whatever you love and hopefully, after times like this, an experience in the hills will do you some good.

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  • 21 Jun 2021

Some Carry On Essentials For Long Flights

In this blog, we have mentioned all the top long flight basics you ought to consistently make sure to pack in your lightweight suitcase. So read on to find the portable fundamentals for long flights that you generally need!

Sleeping mask

In case you're attempting to rest on a plane and it is anything but an overnight flight you may battle with the lights turned on, it's a smart thought to pack a Sleeping mask so you can cover your eyes. Regardless of whether it's an overnight flight and your number demands having the light turned on you can still be in the dark and get some rest.

Noise-canceling headphones

The ones they give you on planes are consistently a piece of rubbish. Bring your own Noise dropping earphones and you're certain to have a lot of films and music for your next long trip without unsettling influences!


Hardcover book fans will disclose to you it's not exactly the same thing, you don't have the joy of flicking the pages, the smell of new book etcetera. Particularly in case you're going on a long flight or on a long excursion, you would prefer not to be taking different hefty books with you.


The new ones likewise have an inbuilt light so you don't need to turn on the huge overhead light during a flight and upset every one of your neighbors (top that paper books!) Just make sure to download enough books for your flight! It likewise sets aside heaps of cash in light of the fact that there are loads of free books for Kindle, and the Kindle variant is consistently less expensive than its paper same.

Laptop and camera

Toward the finish of the journey, you can engage yourself by thinking back on your photographs on your camera or you can accomplish some work on your laptop. You can likewise download films on your PC in case you don't know you will like any of the motion pictures in the inflight amusement.

Hand sanitizer

Proceeding onward from basics to help you with health, it's time to take a gander at health essentials that will guarantee you are feeling fantastic when you land at your destination.


Number one long flight fundamental is a decent hand sanitizer. With such countless individuals coughing, sniffling, and surprisingly breathing in a contained space for an all-encompassing timeframe, planes are the ideal get-together area for germs. Particularly in case you're flying with children, you will need to add this to your family's flying basics.

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  • 16 Jun 2021

The Awesome Road Trips To Take In The USA

Despite the fact that you can track down an incredible excursion pretty much anyplace on the planet, the United States' wide streets and plenitude of open spaces make it probably the best nation to explore via car.


With a bounty of playlists on reserve and a few snacks close by, the excursion similarly as fun as the objective. Heading from the West and moving east, here are 11 of the best travels in the United States:

U.S. Route 66

This excursion will engage the part of you that thinks back about bygone times of mother-and-pop shops and a more straightforward life. Americans have generally respected US Highway 66, otherwise called "Route 66", as a definitive cross-country trip, taking voyagers from Chicago to Santa Monica. Despite the fact that Route 66 doesn't authoritatively exist any longer, you can in any case drive its majority. A few states have even carried out their own Scenic Byway programs to save their leg of the excursion!

Colorado’s State Highway 82

Colorado is an exceptional state for outside lovers. Road trippers are no exception, as scenes of various types exist here. While the wintertime is incredible for skiing and snowboarding, the hotter months are an extraordinary opportunity to see this state by a car.


In the event that your excursion through Colorado, Independence Pass is an absolute necessity for its eminent perspectives. The pass is a piece of State Highway 82 and goes through 32 miles of the state's mountainous region. While this probably won't appear to be quite a while, numerous voyagers take as much time as is needed to completely get a handle on the perspectives out and about. Pre-winter is an extraordinary chance to pass through here, as you can see the leaves change tones before the street shuts down for the colder time of year.

Alaska’s George Parks Highway

The Frozen North is genuine "The Last Frontier". As a state brimming with uninhibited magnificence, Alaska can be a scary objective to design around. This is the place where grand byways, similar to the George Parks Highway, offer the ideal arrangement. George Parks Highway has been in Alaska since the '70s, and it interfaces the state's two biggest urban communities – Anchorage and Fairbanks– – to each other.


The parkway is around 320 miles in length and goes through quite a bit of Alaska's untamed wilderness. You'll get the opportunity to see wild moose along the byway, just as Denali, the tallest mountain in North America. On the off chance that you choose to follow this excursion, you'll have the option to see the serious nature that makes Alaska stand out.

Pacific Coast Highway


The Pacific Coast Highway is perhaps the most famous road trip in the United States– – and which is all well and good! This 1,650-mile interstate goes through California, Oregon, and Washington close by the west coast. The assortment of sights you can see along the PCH is tremendous. You can go through one day investigating clamoring Los Angeles, just to spend the following investigating the Redwood trees of Big Sur!


Going North to South is the more favored course as it places drivers in the path directly close to the seashores, however, the other way is comparably grand.


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  • 18 Jun 2021

Most Beautiful Palaces in the World

When home to lords and sovereigns, palaces were fabricated not exclusively to go about as imperial homes however to project force and eminence. Thusly, rulers and rulers competed with each other, appointing rich summer homes and amassing lovely workmanship assortments with which to fill their unlimited corridors and regal chambers.


Other than the wonderful design and works of art, the previous regal homes additionally gloat perfect grounds and gardens, with a lot of astonishing fountains and flowerbeds in plain view. Due to their huge imaginative, social, and verifiable worth, these delightful palaces presently make for probably the most mainstream vacation spots and exhibition halls around.

Grand Palace

Lying on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, the Grand Palace can be discovered right in the core of Bangkok. Underlying 1782, the rambling complex and its broad nurseries were once home to the Thai rulers of old.


Presently incompletely open to the general population, the royal residence brags parcels of delightful structures, majestic patios, and pretty structures, with an abundance of stunning Thai customary design on show. The undoubted feature, notwithstanding, is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which is the most loved Buddhist site in the entire of Thailand.

Lake Palace

Presently a sumptuous hotel, Lake Palace once went about as a mid-year home and retreat for individuals from the illustrious tradition of Mewar in India. Worked somewhere in the range of 1743 and 1746, the shimmering white palace can be found in Udaipur – the 'City of Lakes.' Magically set upon an island in a lake, the royal residence makes for an exceptionally heartfelt sight.


Its rich vaults and veneers are groggily reflected in the encompassing waters. Other than its luxuriously finished suites, the hotel likewise has awesome structures and yards for visitors to investigate, close by rich nurseries and cheerfully shimmering wellsprings. On account of its peaceful setting and grand design, Lake Palace truly is a delight to look at.

Buckingham Palace

Perhaps the most renowned and captured structures on Earth, Buckingham Palace in London has for some time been the home of the British rulers. Initially worked in 1703 to be an enormous condo, throughout the long term, it was gradually broadened and overhauled, with its celebrated exterior added in 1911.


Altogether, the palace flaunts 775 rooms, with a considerable lot of them packed with breathtaking decorations, wonderful artworks, and age-old sculptures. Of these, the most amazing are the staterooms. These are opened to the public every August and September and are the place where visiting heads of state stay when in London.

Forbidden City

Since the time it was implicit 1406, the Forbidden City has overwhelmed and characterized the focal point of Beijing, just as China itself. The royal home of rulers from both the Ming and Qing administrations, it was from here that they controlled over their broad domain.


Set over an impressive territory ensured by a high divider and wide channel, the royal residence complex includes nearly 980 unique structures. These grandstand heaps of amazing Chinese palatial engineering, with the Hall of Supreme Harmony and Palace of Heavenly Purity only two of its must-see sights.

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  • 10 Jun 2021

The Coolest Playgrounds in the World

The modern playground is, truth be told, kind of exhausting. The splendid hued, wellbeing-designed plastic of cutout pre-assembled wilderness exercise centers can't compensate for the exciting fun of in fact shaky teeter-totters, smooth metal slides that consumed on bright days, and super-quick carousels.


Different scope of playground activities is likewise critical to keep kids dynamic, which improves engine abilities and battles youth weight. In an investigation of schoolchildren in Denmark, solid play territories energized considerably less development than other playground types. Youngsters playing on cleared surfaces that weren't set apart for a particular game, similar to a ball, would, in general, remain inactive, while kids moved more on grass and play equipment.


Fortunately, while most playgrounds have exchanged diversion for claim assurance, there are as yet a couple of spots on the planet where free youth delight is conceivable. Here are the absolute coolest playgrounds from around the globe.

Imagination Playground

At this playground in New York City, planned by acclaimed designer David Rockwell, kids make their own good times. This moderate pack is intended to get kids playing with minimal more than sand, water, and a bunch of squares. Children can stack, interface, and move the uniquely formed blue squares into new toys.

Harry Thomas Sr. Playground

This Washington, D.C. playground is math-themed, taking its design motivation from the Fibonacci arrangement, a numeric example where the following number is consistently the amount of the last two. The bends of the ways and play hardware are molded in Fibonacci twistings.

Woodland Discovery Playground

In a journey to make the playground of things to come, the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy in Memphis assembled a recreation center inside the forested areas where children need to "search for freedoms to slide, climb, run, scramble, swing, construct, discover a lot," as per the planners at James Corner Field Operations. The architects worked with the contribution of neighborhood children to decide how they needed to play. The outcome is a playground isolated into various "play nests" with slides, treehouses, climbing nets, sand, and then some, all associated with a winding walkway shrouded in ivy.

Takino Suzuran National Park Playground

Japanese craftsman Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam started transforming her sewed fine art into sculptural playgrounds during the 1990s. This one, at Takino Suzuran National Park in Hokkaido, Japan, opened in 2000. The rainbow net required three years to sew.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Children may not think often about the historical backdrop of the Austrian precious stone organization Swarovski, yet the organization gallery offers a playground that makes any visit beneficial. The four-story play tower includes a trampoline, rope swings, a 45-foot-tall climbing net, and slides.

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  • 31 May 2021

Top Destinations For Desert Safari Around the World

Ageless, quiet, and always showing signs of change, deserts all throughout the planet bait explorers from all over. Desert safaris are truth be told the ideal prologue to the appeal of the deserts all throughout the planet. Experience passionate feelings for the excellence and serenity of the brilliant sand ocean at probably the best objective for desert safaris on the planet. Brilliant sands, blue skies, beautiful camps, exciting camel safaris, sand-hill slamming on jeeps, and other staggering encounters, desert safaris are experiences combined with unbelievable encounters.


Since you are charmed with the desert, we are here to assist you with where to go for a desert safari. Here is our rundown of the top-of-the-line desert safari objections from everywhere in the world.

Dubai, Arabian Desert

The Arabian Desert has been glorified with the fantasies of the Arabian Nights. In the event that you need to really remember your adolescence, here is your opportunity at an energizing desert safari in Dubai. The Arabian Desert is particularly perhaps the most famous destinations for a desert safari all throughout the planet.


Dubai desert safari across the Arabian Desert is an encounter that should not be taken lightly. Moreover, experience the roaming Bedouin life on your Dubai excursion. Decide on a dusk desert safari. Wonder about the lovely nightfall spreading its brilliant magnificence all finished. Ride the camel ride or go for a jeep safari. Hill slamming on a 4X4 SUV is an experience one should attempt. After it gets dim, show up at your camps outfitted with every cutting edge extravagance, to summarize, your endeavor.

Jaisalmer, Thar Desert

The Thar Desert is surely one of the excellent brilliant deserts on the planet. Jaisalmer Sam Sand Dunes in the Thar Desert especially positions among the best objections to going for desert safari in India. Experience flawless excellence amazing or more each of the illustrious sentiments! For a vital encounter of safari and different enjoyments, go to the Desert Festival.


Dusk safari in Jaisalmer is an unmissable encounter as the Sam Sand Dunes seem like a brilliant illusion generally. Ride the wonderfully attired camels. On landing in your beautiful campground, unwind in the regal delights of the Rajasthani tents. Supper involves delightful Rajasthani cooking in the organization of people songs and force-pressed Kalbelia dance. The fanciful setting wins your love and when the stars seem you are really lost in its magnificence.

Bahariya, Sahara Desert

Egypt is recorded among the first-class objections for a desert safari all throughout the planet. The nation is graced by the Sahara Desert-one of the World's most famous deserts. Tracing all the way back to the Pharaonic Era, the desert safari in Bahariya has various memorable fortunes including brilliant mummies. Witness the world's biggest meandering ridge, Ghurd al-Ghurabi, a huge heap of shining quartz precious stone named Crystal Mountain, and numerous torpid volcanoes. Also, Golden mummies, hot and cold springs, saltwater lake, common fortunes of the desert. Try not to miss to luxuriate in the perspective on the sky around evening time, the sky light up with 1,000,000 stars.

Muscat, Wahiba Sands

Catching the appeal of the desert, generally, the Wahiba Sands in Oman is quite possibly the most wonderful desert scene on the planet. . The undulating rises show a range of various shades. Shockingly, the desert flourishes with vegetation as does a decent populace of the Bedouin people group proceeding with the extremely old way of life. The enchanting Wahiba Sands are considered a real part of the top desert safari objections on the planet.

Nevada, USA – Black Rock Desert

The Black Rock Desert in Nevada is a famous objective for desert safari on the planet. Settled between the Jackson and Calico Mountain Ranges, it's a dazzling scene of magma beds and salt pads. Brilliant in summer and snow-shrouded in winter, the enchanting landscape has various energizing undertakings. The Fly Geyser made inadvertently from a geothermal test in 1964 is a feature of the desert scape.




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  • 21 May 2021

Festival and Cultural Celebrations in Brazil for Tourists

Brazil in South America is known for its celebrations that will undoubtedly pull in vacationers the entire year from everywhere in the world. Brazilians love to arrange a party as can be seen with their reality well known yearly carnival, where everybody from youngsters to the retired bounce into the festivals with full eagerness and party soul. The joyful feel and cordial habits of individuals in Brazil make certain to draw in guests to Brazil. A few occasions that the nation is famous for are:


Without a doubt, the biggest celebration in Brazil, the carnival is known worldwide for its relentless multi-week of celebrating. The weeks paving the way to the official carnival are sprinkled with arbitrary road marches and parties known as Blocos, and if that wasn't sufficient, the weeks in the wake of having a tendency to have some post-amusement park parties to dial down the finish of carnival blues. Each Bloco has its own theme and music with two of the most well-known in Rio de Janeiro being 'Cordão do Bolo Preto' and 'Sargento Pimenta', the last having the Beatles theme. The official carnival has huge processions of samba with colorful ensembles and break-neck speed dance with the significant urban communities, for example, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and Recife hosting the greatest parades and gatherings.


The Germanic roots of the south of Brazil carried this traditionally German celebration to Brazil, where it has gotten quite possibly the most popular beer festival in the country. Held in October consistently in Blumenau in the territory of Santa Catarina, it celebrates ordinary German cuisine and a lot of brews. There are likewise customary society outfits that the vast majority wear with extraordinary eagerness and lots of singing, dancing, and road parties. One feature is the beauty pageant that looks for the Queen of Oktoberfest and the other runner-ups that are delegated the Princesses of Oktoberfest.

Formula One Racing

During March or April, the racing circle at Interlagos considers brandishing to be as athletes and fans from everywhere the world come to appreciate the Formula One Racing. The Grand Prix moved to Rio in 1978 yet after one year in 1979 Interlagos got the race back. Everything began in 1938 when an immense plot was purchased by two domain engineers for a lodging plan. Notwithstanding, one piece of the land was not appropriate for lodging so they fabricated a racing circuit all things being equal. Sau Paulo immediately created as the space around the circuit was immediately populated. Today, individuals from everywhere the world visit Brazil for yearly vehicle racing occasions. The speed, the enthusiasm, and the rush appear to be the radiate from each item in the season.

Festival de Gramado

Celebration de Gramado happens in Brazil annually. It is a global film celebration that gives grants called "kikitos". They are 24 in number, 13 for Brazilian movies, 8 for worldwide movies, and three special awards, and furthermore introduced to Latin American movies created outside Brazil. It happens in the Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, since 1973. It is the main film celebration in Brazil since 1980.


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  • 12 May 2021

The Most Spectacular Beautiful Small Towns In The World

Most of us love big cities, but that doesn’t mean small destinations can’t be alluring or amazing. There are lots of villages in the world giving a remarkably beautiful experience. It is true that the cities attract people with tall skyscrapers, expensive malls, and luxurious atmosphere, but the best way to experience the fundamental culture of a region is to travel around the smaller villages far from the big cities. Check out the below list and know about the most beautiful villages in the world.

Giethoorn, Netherlands

Giethoorn is a gorgeous and calm village in the Netherlands. It is one of the greenest places in the country, which is surrounded by extensive De Weerribben-Wieden National park and dotted with a massive number of trees. Being a car-free village, it features many beautiful canals instead of roads. The lands of Giethoorn are connected together with about 150 bridges. This village has so much similarity with Venice that it has been also called The Venice of Netherlands.

Bibury, England, UK

Bibury is a beautiful charming village situated on the bank of the river Coln in Gloucestershire County of England. The famous English designer named William Morris described it as “The most beautiful village in England”. Comprised of the 17th century stone cottages and the beautiful Coln river flowing through the village are the main attractions of Bibury. It is also among the most photographed villages of England.

Göreme, Turkey

Located on the top of the cliffs of Santorini, Oia is a beautiful village with an amazing setting. The picturesque village is located on a steep slope allowing the residents and travelers to enjoy jaw-dropping gorgeous views of the world-known Santorini caldera. The cityscape is dominated by elegant white buildings gleaming in the sun, with stand-outs being a ruined fortress facing the entire area, the Captain’s houses, and a windmill, which is probably the most iconic building of this charming village.

Oia, Greece

Located on the top of the cliffs of Santorini, Oia is a beautiful village with an amazing setting. The picturesque village is located on a steep slope allowing the residents and travelers to enjoy jaw-dropping gorgeous views of the world-known Santorini caldera. The cityscape is dominated by elegant white buildings gleaming in the sun, with stand-outs being a ruined fortress facing the entire area, the Captain’s houses, and a windmill, which is probably the most iconic building of this charming village.


Alberobello, Italy


Located in southeastern Italy, Alberobello is home to the best examples of a type of dry stone hut with a conical roof called a Trullo. These dry stone huts are not accurately some sensational constructions but are modest traditional huts, which are great examples of ancient building techniques. Although, the technique followed in the construction is old these structures aren’t very old.



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  • 08 May 2021

Best Places to Travel with your Best Friend


We think you all will agree that our best friend is our true soulmate. And going on a vacation with your best friend is a perfect idea to spend time with them. Below is a list of a few of the most happening places in India where you are bound to have the best time with your best friend!


  1. GOA


Planning for a happening vacation? Look no further and book your tickets for Goa right away. Goa is rightly called the party capital of India. Get enchanted by the trance of the music and immerse yourself in the unique setting with a bucket of your favorite drinks!


  1. COORG


Plan a short but scenic trip to Coorg, Karnataka with your best friend. Mesmerizing vistas, a trek on the lush green valleys, and enjoy the memorable sunsets. Enriching culture and the thrill of indulging in recreational activities will make your heart happy and your bond stronger with your best friend.




Rishikesh is not just a holy destination, in fact, it is a hub of adventure. So if you are planning to travel to an adventurous destination then Rishikesh is the right place for you! From river rafting to camping under the dreamy and mystical stars, every activity will add to the joy of taking this trip with your best friend.




Feed your adventurous soul when you travel to Ladakh. Situated way above sea level and blessed with picturesque vistas, it is a plethora of trek trails and blessed with incredible lush green grasslands. Make sure you visit Ladakh with your best friend and satiate your love for adventure at the “Land of Passes”. 




An offbeat but perfect destination to travel with your best friend. Stay here at a luxurious resort, enjoy the lip-smacking floating tray of your favorite breakfast in the pool and explore the rich and vibrant culture of Pushkar, Rajasthan. And, don’t forget to click amazing pictures with your bestie!

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  • 06 May 2021

Best Beach Destinations in the World

Tried and annoyed of staying at home because of the pandemic and can’t stop dreaming about your next vacation? What’s better than going to an amazing beach destination to spend some quality time with your family and friends after we get through these tough times.  Take inspiration and plan ahead for your next vacation by taking a look at the best beach destinations on the list which we have specifically curated for you!




Explore the wide, calm expanses where you can find red, white, black, and green sandy beaches which are famous for their breathtaking beaches. Apart from the laid-back surfing scene in Hawaii, it is also famous for its delicious seafood and the lovable and accepting nature of the people. Visit this heaven on earth with your partner or your group of friends and feel relaxed and rejuvenated.




One of the most exotic and luxurious vacation destinations, Bora Bora Island is perfect for honeymooners and couples. Home to the breathtaking overwater bungalows which scream luxury, rich marine life observed with the naked eye while doing water sports like snorkeling or scuba diving, and awe-inspiring turquoise waters, Bora Bora Island is loved by all.




Imagine taking a walk on the pristine white sandy beaches with your partner. The marvelous sunrise and sunset vistas are like the most perfect painting you could ever witness. The Maldives can be enjoyed on a girl’s trip or enjoy a relaxing vacation with your family or your partner. Stay in this tropical heaven in a spectacular resort or a private villa. Do some water sports or soothe your nerves by enjoying a spa session.




Fall in the lap of nature in the ‘Garden Isle’ famous for its scenic and extraordinary flora and fauna in the midst of the luscious greenery. Extensive waterpark, wonderful waterfalls, and spectacular beaches make this Island a stunning paradise and a treat for your soul. Take a vacation in Fiji with your loved ones and create memories worth a lofe time!


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  • 03 May 2021

What Makes Lyon, France The Best City To Visit?

Situated between the Rhône and the Saône Rivers, you’ll find a city named- Lyon, the 3rd largest city in France. While it may not come to mind first as a must-see city on your tour of France, Lyon is a city that undeniably is a captivating metropolis, especially for people who are short on their travels of France.



The Basiliique Notre-Dame de Fourviere


The beautiful white structure of Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere is fondly regarded by locals as the upside-down elephant, who resides on the top of Fourvière hill, aka the ‘praying hill’, in Lyon’s 5th district. Here the world of Catholics rubs shoulders with vestiges of Ancient Rome.


From its high position, the symbolic architecture shows its beauty over Lyon city. People love to visit this place so much so that, annually it attracts over 2 million visitors.


The church was designed by Pierre Bossan, Fourvière basilica draws inspiration from both Romanesque and Byzantine architecture, and It’s actually one church on top of another.


 Famous Regional Restaurants


A city that is famous for its Lyonnaise cuisine!


Not only is Lyon amazingly beautiful with its’ structure but is also the food capital of France. In fact, in the year 1935, a French food critic Curnonsky, the Prince of Gastronomy, named Lyon as the ‘world capital of gastronomy. If you ever find yourself in the city of Lyon, you must try the mouthwatering Lyonnaise food.


Lyon is the best place to discover French cuisine, you are just going to fall in love with it. There are more than 1,500 eateries, bistros, culinary boutiques, and more. Lyon’s food is so high-quality cuisine that it is also exported to other parts of France and abroad.





Luxuriant Parks


The Parc de la Tête d'Or can be found on the left bank of the Rhône River, It would be an understatement to say that this park is a pure haven of tranquility in Lyon city.


The park features a zoo, the biggest botanical garden, and a rose garden with gorgeous varieties. There is also a serene lake (L'Embarcadère) where families can rent boats and spend quality time admiring the scenery.


The Highlights of the park also include Le Grand Carrousel, an adorable merry-go-round created in 1895, the "Little Lake", pony rides, and a mini old-fashioned choo train called "La Dauphinoise" for children.


The Architectural Curiosities & Art Enthusiasts


Apart from the great churches, the city of Lyon is a great place that photography enthusiasts will love.


The following architectures are great attractions:

Palais de Commerce

Lyon Opera House

Bartholdi Fountain

Fresque des Lyonnais.



In the end, Lyon is an amazing must-see place: which is a big, modern, and historic city and full of vibrant attractions. The people are too lovely there adding to the city’s charm manifold.


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  • 31 Aug 2021

Find Peace, Natural Beauty and Scenic Views of Netherlands’ Leiden Canals

The Netherlands or Holland may be a small country, but it's packed with world famous icons. Discover bulb fields, windmills, cheese markets, wooden shoes, canals of Amsterdam, masterpieces of Old Masters, Delft Blue earthenware, innovative water-management and millions of bicycles.


Amongst one of the most developed and progressive nations of the world, the Netherlands offers an immersive and enriching travelling experience. With the most exquisite flowers blooming in the summer, refreshing showers in the fall, snowfall and nostalgia in the winter and the most colourful landscapes in the spring, the Netherlands has something to offer to everyone. From markets to gardens to the most absurd museums and shops, this country gives a 360-degree experience to its tourists, of a culture and lifestyle so diverse that it always stays with the traveller.


Canals Of Leiden


Leiden’s canals were incorporated into the city plan as early as the seventeenth century. The outer canal was dug to protect the city. The historic inner city is surrounded by a six kilometer moat. Leiden’s moats are among the biggest city fortifications in Europe with an intact structure. Leiden’s canals run through the city and are lined by docks on which trees have grown, to anchor boats.

Boating in Leiden

Discover Leiden from the water and enjoy an entirely new view. Tour the canals and moats and explore the historic inner city with its beautiful merchant houses and monuments with their wonderful facades. The Plantsoen is a fantastic city park contained within the moats. While boating in Leiden, you cannot avoid passing underneath extraordinary bridges, such as the Visbrug and Hoornbrug with its beautiful covered walkway.


There is a broad offering of boat tours and packages, but you can also rent an electric boat. If you rent an electric boat, you can easily dock your boat to enjoy a picnic or lunch. You can also stop at one of the countless eating and drinking establishments along the water to relax. Boat tour and package tickets are available from the shipping companies on Beestenmarkt, Blauwpoortsbrug or Apothekersdijk at a two to five minute walk from Leiden Central Station.

Beautiful surroundings

Leiden is also a perfect base for beautiful day trips nearby. Sail to the Kagerplassen, which everybody calls ‘de Kaag’. This is a large lake area at less than half an hour by boat from Leiden’ city center. With dozens of windmills and old farms along the water, this is one of the country’s most beautiful places to explore by boat. You can also sail to places like Katwijk, The Hague and even Delft.


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  • 28 Aug 2021

Solo Trip: A Raw Experience Of Life

Travelling itself is so beneficial for all of us because it simply expands our horizons and makes us realise the importance of exploring and not living in one place all the time. Travelling on your own has also great advantages. If you want to go and travel alone at least once in your life, here are the top reasons why you need to do it:

You will get to know yourself better

Once you are out there on the road on your own you will be faced with decisions you need to make, fears you need to overcome and discover your true self and how much you are capable of. Travelling exposes you to raw experiences where you get to know the person inside you, that little kid that always wanted to travel, wander, expand and grow as a human being through exploring different places around the world.

It will get you out of your comfort zone

Going to unknown places and destinations will challenge you to learn how to rely on yourself at difficult times. Being away from the comfortable bubble of your home will challenge you in many different ways and test your patience. Only by putting yourself out there, you will be able to explore this beautiful planet and discover many new and exciting places.


You might be challenged to explain where you are going to a local person or do hiking for hours in the mountains. Both of these experiences will test your ability to overcome obstacles, challenge you and help you grow as an individual.

You will make new friends easier

Being a solo traveller makes it much easier to interact with the local people and make some new friendships. The truth is that the locals are much more interested in what someone travelling on his or her own is doing in their country and are more likely to help you out and could be also more open and engaging.

You get to choose your own route

When you are on your own, you get the opportunity to plan your own route and the places you want to visit. When you are travelling with other people, often you have to compromise going to some places so that everyone is happy about it. Travelling on your own means that you get to choose the extra activities you want to do and plan your trip in a way that benefits you most.

You will learn how to rely on yourself

Travelling to other countries in the world will show you the importance of relying on yourself in difficult situations. You are the one and most important person in your life so make sure you learn how to trust your own heart, take decisions and make your own choices. That will help you further in life when it comes to taking an important step in your life because you will realise that it is you who creates the reality around you and it is important to respect your own needs.

It will boost your confidence

Being on your own on the road will help you gain valuable skills and turn you into a more confident person. The experience of travelling alone will challenge your limits and ability to cope with obstacles on the way which will make you a stronger person and help you grow as a traveller and human being. Just being on a trip on your own is a challenge itself and all the other things that you will have to organise will help you realise that you can achieve anything you set your mind to only if you keep going.

You reflect on the experience better

You can reflect on the whole experience much better because you were the solo traveller who took the courage and action to go and explore exciting places around the world. Your reflections on the trip will make you realise all the things you learned on the road, the friendships you made, the choices you were faced with and the challenges you overcame. And the whole experience can be more amazing because you can focus on the things that excite you and visit places that interest you.

You will start enjoying your own company

You can see the importance of “me time” only when you travel somewhere alone. You will start appreciating your own company much more and enjoying the time you spend on your own. Being alone on the road is also a great way to connect with your higher self spiritually and enhance the relationship with yourself.

It is good for your well-being

Each one of us can admit that travelling makes us happy and excited. It can reduce stress, calm your body and mind and also show you one of the most important reasons we live on this planet.



The purpose of this blog is to let you know all the aspects that can help you to become a better version of yourself as solo travelling will make you counter challenges on your own. It will reveal your inner and real leader.

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  • 23 Aug 2021

Awesome and Budget Friendly Destinations for Family Vacation Across The World

The family vacation is one such experience where you get to experience everything together, making up for all the lost time in the chaotic urban lives. Bonding over bonfire or scuba diving with family or enjoying a hideout in nature with your loved ones – family vacation has its own charm. But the biggest hurdle to planning a family vacation can sometimes be budget and destination. Well, we have got it covered in this blog with this list of best Places to visit with family on a budget. The list is a complete deal, offering all sorts of vacation for all sorts of families.




The land of infinite beaches, Indonesia is the picture-perfect destination for your family beach vacation. A country with rich heritage and culture, Indonesia and its tourist destination ensure that you get to experience every aspect. From its crowded and popular tourist beaches to the secluded Islands to dense forest reserves and heritage sites, Indonesia offers something for your travel appetite. Once you are done with exploring the hidden treasures of Indonesia, you can head out to explore the popular Indonesian travel destinations like Bali and Jakarta. Indonesia also boasts of its mesmerising rice fields and wildlife reserves; hence it is a perfect destination for those families seeking solace amidst the luxury of nature.




Malaysia is truly a land of diversity – from cultures like Indian, Chinese, European and Malay, you will find the influence of each of these in the architecture and heritage of the country. Also a great beach destination, Malaysia is perfect when you crave for that sun, sand, and sea vacation. The country is also perfect for those looking for a quaint family getaway in the luxury of nature. Rest assured, the lush green mountains, hidden waterfalls and alluring beaches along with rich heritage and culture make up for a memorable vacation with family.




The biggest country in the world (area wise), Russia is one of the best destinations for a family trip. A country of diverse culture, language, geography and people, Russia is quite literally a surprise waiting for you. The first impression of the country might be that the people are unfriendly but give Russia some time and it’ll grow on you. From its historical sites to offbeat quaint villages, the country offers so much to witness. Russia also features some of the most exotic locations on earth ranging from mountains to lakes to beaches to tourist-friendly modern cities.




Singapore is well ahead of its time with ultra-modern technologies and is one of the most famous tourist destinations. A land of futuristic marvels, sky touching buildings and the night light, Singapore is the picture-perfect family destination for you. From its offbeat trails to adventure sites to luxury hotels, this sovereign state ensures that you don’t leave disappointed. It is also famous for its kids’ attractions which compel many to select Singapore as their family trip destination. The place has infinite possibilities, one moment you’d be hiking and the very next moment you could head to an underwater aquarium. Singapore is also one of the best shopping destinations in Asia.

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  • 16 Apr 2021

5 Free Things To Do In Dubai 2021 Edition

1. Go Camping at The Desert Oasis Of Al Qudra

Al Qudra is a famous spot for nature lovers. You can camp, barbeque, cycle, prep a birthday party, lie down or just enjoy the picturesque atmosphere this place is a beautiful man-made wonder that you don’t want to miss. The Love Lake is also a neary spot In this desert.

The Al-Qudra Lakes in Dubai is made up of 7 artificial lakes where it is said that over 130 species of birds are spotted in this area including Flamingoes, Swans, Ducks, Geese, etc.

Location: Al Qudra Road, 30mins away from Dubai

Time To Visit: Open 24/7

2. Visit The Coffee Museum

This is the museum-cum-cafe + antique shop which describes the cultures, history, and everything about coffee. The Coffee Museum showcase varied artifacts that relate to the stories of coffee cultures in our history.

The huge map of "The Story Of Coffee describes the first place where coffee beans were procured and the whole journey. This place is free to visit but we are fairly certain that you won’t be leaving without grabbing a cuppa-coffee while browsing through the books and antiques.

Apart from imparting education about Coffee, they also serve coffee brews in different flavors!

Location: Al Fahidi

Time To Visit: 9 AM To 5 PM

3. Explore Gold Souk

Free and Gold what?

Gold Souk is one of the oldest gold markets in Dubai. You can buy tons of gold or just stroll into the markets freely and view the beautiful jewelry, precious stones, etc. There is also a Spice souk market, for selling spices and exotic herbs of every kind. You can get to experience the sensational fragrances and maybe buy the best herbs from there.

Location: It comes under the area of Deira which comes in the old part of Dubai. It is also within 10minutes' walking distance from Dubai International Airport.   

Time To Visit: November To March


4. Admire The Wildlife at Ras Al Khor Sanctuary

The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect place for birdwatchers. This wetland is home to many migratory birds like the herons, flamingoes, osprey, cormorants, black-winged stilts, etc. There are 3 bird hides in this sanctuary and are available free for the public to visit.

You can also find amazing attractions which feature salt flats, mangroves, and lagoons intertidal mudflats, which will make your journey be worthwhile.

Location: Ras Al Khor Road Ras Al Khor

Time To Visit: 9.00am to 4.00pm

5. Watch The Dancing Fountains

This is probably one of the most popular of all the free things to do in Dubai. Just visit The Dubai Mall and enjoy the spectacular show of the world’s largest choreographed fountain system. This fountain is known to dance to the popular tunes of Whitney Houston Michael Jackson, Adele, Enrique Iglesias, and many more. Apart from this, there are also loads of things to do here like go to the Aquarium or Opera house.

Location: The Dubai Mall

Best Time To Visit: from 6.00 am to 11.00 pm, every half hour in the evenings.

#Note: In Dubai, Friday is considered as a week off, so the timings of all the places mentioned above may vary or even can be closed.

These are the best 5 places you must try in Dubai, book your weekends in Dubai and more attractive places from Out Bound Tours.

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  • 11 Apr 2021

Ensure Your Health and Safety Measures Before Travelling By Flight

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us life long lessons and safety measures like social distancing, wearing masks, sanitising hands frequently are the new normals. The human beings are adaptive to everything and during this crisis together we have very well to fight against this once in a millennia sort of epidemic.

Doctors and pharmaceutics are still due to deliver their best to defeat this Coronavirus. Now things are getting back to normal but still we have to follow all the precautions and safety measures.

This is quite impossible to stay in our homes and prevent the travelling whether it is a business trip or a family vacation trip. Many countries are removing travel bans as the situation improves. Still check the official updates before planning your trip to a particular country. And it does not mean that if there is no travel ban, it is safe. You can check the best countries to travel to after the pandemic crisis on our website. Here is a complete guide for our travellers to follow while travel by air:

Before heading to the airport

  • Ensure compliance with testing protocols where applicable
  • Avoid traveling if you have a fever or cough. Seek medical advice if you are unwell
  • Perform as many as your travel formalities before heading to the airport. This includes:
    Completing e-VISA or travel authorization, contact and health information declaration as per local regulation
    Check-in online for your flight, and if possible print your bag tags at home
  • Ensure you have sufficient masks and hand sanitizer for your entire journey

While at the airport, before departure

  • Wear your mask at all times
  • Practice physical distancing wherever possible, including when boarding the aircraft
  • Wash or sanitize hands frequently by washing with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand sanitizers
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, especially after contact with commonly touched surfaces

During the flight

  • Wear your mask at all times:
    - Wear it properly, over your nose and mouth
    - Change it when it becomes damp
  • Avoid unnecessary movement during the flight. Avoid congregating when waiting to use the toilet
  • Inform the crew and seek medical care early if you become sick while traveling
  • Wash or sanitize hands frequently by washing with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand sanitizers
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, especially after contact with commonly touched surfaces
  • Do not rush to disembark from the aircraft after it stops at the parking bay. Do practice the same hand hygiene and physical distancing

In the arrival lounge

  • Wear your face covering or mask at all times
  • Practice physical distancing wherever possible, including when at immigration and baggage claim
  • Wash, sanitize or clean hands frequently by washing with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand sanitizers
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, especially after contact with commonly touched surfaces
  • Comply with any local regulations on contact tracing

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  • 06 Apr 2021

Best Countries To Travel To After The Pandemic Crisis

Travel industry is a perennial business as we love to explore different destinations with the experience of different seasons. Numadic nature of human beings makes it necessary in various terms.

People love to travel to exotic and appealing destinations. Most of the famous places around the world are known for two reasons: Commerce and Natural Beauty. Fun and food is the best part of travelling. All of us love to taste different flavours of regional seasonings. Along with that, exploring tourist attractions of a particular place like museums, forts, lakes, biodiversity, etc. amuse us.

When we visit a place and walk around there we get to know about culture, history, natural wonders, diversities of human beings. While we travel frequently our mind induces new and exciting ideas, feel positive energy, and it enhances our knowledge.

Travelling is unavoidable fun for us and the horrific pandemic crisis has provided a better understanding of the importance of a vacation trip. Now the travel restrictions have begun to be abolished, it is the time to plan your much awaited trip still with utmost health precautions. Here are insights about the best countries to explore this year.

New Zealand

Nature blessed New Zealand is the surreal beauty that consists of lakes, mountains, coastal glaciers, snow-capped peaks, rain forests, sparkling coves, and fish filled rivers.

New Zealand is a hot spot for adrenaline-fueled sports. White water rafting, luging, jet boating, heli-skiing, skydiving, hiking, and mountain biking round out the list of outdoor adventures, and the country is home to one of the highest bungee jumps in the world.

A World Heritage Site, Fiordland National Park protects some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. Visitors here can explore this dramatic landscape, carving the famous fjords of Milford, Dusky, and Doubtful Sounds.


When it comes to landscapes, there’s nothing that can quite beat Australia at this game. Real life in Australia is much like an episode of The Great Outdoors, the travel magazine series that took Australia into the homes of viewers.

Australia is a highly developed country with several opportunities, which is why there are constant streams of people travelling there to make a life for themselves. At the same time, it’s a brilliant tourist destination. With so much to see and take in, visitors will want to extend their stay indefinitely.


There isn’t a single traveler in the world that can resist the lure of France and for good reason! With famous authors, poets, painters, musicians and philosophers calling this country home, France is known for being inclined towards the arts. This, coupled with the sheer beauty this country has to offer, makes France one of the top destinations to visit, no matter what kind of travel experience you want to live through.


When you fantasize a great holiday, you dream of wide open roads that take you to spectacular corners of the world. You think of sitting by the beach, walking under a clear blue sky and enjoying the vibrant sounds of nature. So, if you already are planning a great holiday this season then you must take notice of this Mediterranean abode named Croatia. Pleasant days by the stretch of azure waters in the guarded colorful environs of ancient walled towns, Croatia is the place to turn your usual vacation to a dreamland experience. Offering the best tourist places in Croatia. A very young Democracy, Croatia has a plethora of breathtaking sights and an unimaginably attractive history to offer.


Singapore Tourism is thriving by the day. Bling and sparkles everywhere with tall buildings, scrumptious food, and lightning speed transport; Singapore deserves a spot on your ultimate bucket list. You can whizz around Singapore in minutes with their super fast public transport system which makes it easier to explore this place. Be it the food or the culture; everything is taken seriously in Singapore. Be it the street hawkers or the luxury dining experiences, just follow your nose, and it will lead you to heaven. Keeping aside its magnificent culinary choices, the skyline of Singapore is to die for. Singapore is a concrete jungle with tall skyscrapers that fill the sky and trees that fill the roads. There is not a thing you cannot find in the shopping plazas of Singapore.


Our planet is full of amazing places around the world. It is quite difficult to mansion all of them. Some of the beast countries we have mentioned here to help you while planning your next vacation or trip. Including these and other countries where you would like to tour or visit for your business trip, you can book your flight tickets from OB Tours. Here you can search flights from various airlines, book one side or round trip tickets even at best prices. The pandemic is still around us so follow all the safety and health precautions while you plan your trip.

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  • 27 Mar 2021

Rare Towns To Enjoy Away From Hustle & Bustle Of The World

If you’re curious about what these towns and cities have to offer, we have the skinny on what to see and do in the top five eclipse towns.

Casper, Wyoming

Are you dreaming of fresh air, stunning landscapes, wildlife and wide-open spaces? Your first thoughts probably turn toward Yellowstone National Park when you’re planning grand outdoor adventures. What if you could have authentic Wyoming experiences coupled with small-town charm? That’s exactly what you’ll find, right when you need it most, in Casper, Wyoming.

All you need to change your outlook is a watercraft and a place to float. Casper, Wyoming’s rivers, lakes and reservoirs provide ample places to play and an abundance of boat, canoe, kayak and paddleboard rentals.

Redmond, Oregon

Visit Redmond, Oregon and discover a quaint high desert community, nestled in the heart of Central Oregon, and panoramic views of the snow capped Cascade Mountain Range. Visitors will enjoy over 300 days of sunshine and refreshingly cool desert evenings. Redmond combines a rich community heritage and small town charm with a zeal for the great outdoors.

Dine at one of Redmond's family owned cafes, craft breweries, or perhaps the growing number of specialty restaurants that have recently called Redmond home. During the summer month's visitors can enjoy weekly free concerts in the canyon parks and an active farmers market featuring local goods at Centennial Park downtown.

Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia is South Carolina's capital and home to the University of South Carolina. Along Columbia's wide avenues are historic sites ranging from an antebellum mansion to the former home of a slave who bought her freedom, plus museums, galleries, music venues, theaters and shops. Columbia's three rivers, lake, canal, national park and several city parks offer opportunities for recreation and relaxation. Among the kid-pleasing destinations are a zoo and the largest children's museum in the south.

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Don those cowboy boots and journey back to the Wild, Wild West in this frontier city, tamed, of course, but with the western spirit alive and kicking. If your weekend getaway to Wyoming's capital and largest city starts on Friday, take the whole family to the Friday night rodeo to get into the spirit of things. In keeping with the cowboy frame of mind, saddle up and go for a tour on the Outlaw Trail, the very same route used by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, among other notorious outlaws, to evade the authorities. Or visit the Terry Bison Ranch, where you can hop on a horse or horse-drawn wagon, tour the winery and see the several thousand bison that live here. Whether it's rodeos, golf, parks, national forests, museums or symphonies, there's no shortage of options here to fill a fantastic weekend.

Boise, Idaho

Nature is a big draw for Boise, Idaho. The snow-capped Rocky Mountains serve as a breathtaking backdrop; the Boise River and its waterfront paths carve through the city; and outdoor activities like skiing, fishing, or snowshoeing are close at hand. But Boise is still a capital city with the dining, shopping, and culture to match. Top museums include the Idaho History Museum, the Boise Art Museum, the Basque Museum and Cultural Centre, and the interactive Discovery Museum of Idaho. And then there’s the Old Idaho Penitentiary, which could be considered the Northwest’s answer to Alcatraz.

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  • 21 Mar 2021

Places to Visit Where Prices are Down for Summer Travel

With the warming up weather it’s time to plan that very necessary summer vacation. We dug into data to show you where prices are down for 2021, so you can explore without burdening your pocket.

Summer is almost here and it’s the perfect time to think about summer vacation plans. If saving money is on your mind, we have the best places to start.

We have researched to find the top destinations where flight prices are down– meaning the perfect time to check them out for less.

Read on destinations where you’ll get great value this summer.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Looking for a cool city trip that won’t burden your pocket? Consider Toronto. Flight prices are down compared with last year. Summer weather reaches around the 80s and there’s a lot to explore in the big city. Spend some time in the Distillery District for a historic and extensive area home to some of the city’s best bars, cafes and art galleries. And don’t think the urban stretch means you can’t hit the beach.

Denver, Colorado

Not only are flight prices to Denver down compared with last year, but our data shows that it’s also one of the cheapest flights to take this summer. With hot summers that bring temps around 80s and low humidity, the weather is pretty close to summer perfection and the city boasts tons of things to do. In the month of June you can enjoy Denver PrideFest and the Cherry Blossom Festival, while July brings the Denver International Wine Festival and the Denver County Fair.

Austin, Texas

Flight prices to this hip Texas city are down compared with last year, meaning if you’ve been itching to see it for yourself, now may just be the time. There’s no shortage of seasonal events like the Austin Ice Cream Festival in June, Hot Summer Nights and Austin Pride Week in August. You can also relax at Barton Springs Pool, a three-acre, spring-fed outdoor oasis. There are also plenty of places to grab a bite. Anchorage, Alaska

If Alaska is on your travel list, this summer is the time to go. With the addition of new flight routes from a low-cost airline, we’re seeing prices down compared with pre Covid situation. Summers in Alaska are mild and dry with temperatures that can reach around 60s. Take a cruise from Seward to a stealthy look of glaciers, rent a bike and ride through the scenic 11-mile Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and when you’ve worked up an appetite, tuck into some local cuisine.

Kingston, Jamaica

If you need a reason to plan a trip to Jamaica – which you probably don’t – we have it. Despite the low season in Jamaica there’s plenty to do and you’ll get to enjoy it all without the high season crowds. Grab top restaurants that are usually hard to get, enjoy the ideal tee time and easily find a prime spot on the beach.

New Orleans, Louisiana

While summer is the offseason in New Orleans with weather that can be hot and rainy, you’ll enjoy a June trip. Traveling in the off-season also means fewer crowds on perennially packed Bourbon Street. Take advantage of this by heading to Cafe du Monde for a cup of chicory coffee and their famous beignets.

Nashville, Tennessee

Summer flight prices to Nashville will be music to your ears. But that’s only one of the reasons why Music City should be on your radar. Summer brings some of the city’s biggest outdoor festivals. From a country music festival with plenty of big names to the area’s popular annual music and arts festival. The city is known for its barbeque, so if you’re looking to partake there are plenty of options.

Krakow, Poland

If you’ve already done all the major European hotspots and want to get a bit more off the beaten path – or if you’re into Gothic and medieval architecture – Krakow could be the perfect choice for summer. Wandering through the city’s Old Town will bring plenty of opportunities for photo ops, for Gothic spires to cobblestone streets. When you get thirsty, you’ll also be happy to know the city’s beer is very reasonably priced. Milan, Italy

Summer in Italy is as spectacular as it sounds, and with flight prices to Milan down, it’s a savings-savvy time to see it for yourself. Visit some of the city’s impressive museums – many of which won’t set you back. The Museo Archeologico hosts artifacts from the Roman, Etruscan, and Greek eras, and it’s housed in a 9th-century monastery which is worth the trip alone. While the food will certainly be the main attraction, you don’t have to spend a lot on a fantastic slice of pizza.

Bogota, Colombia

Being close to the equator, Bogota has pretty consistently pleasant weather year round. Art and culture lovers should be sure to spend some time exploring the city’s museums like Museo del Oro – the Gold Museum – or Museo de Botero, which features the work of one of Colombia’s most famous artists. Or, simply just stroll around the city and admire its impressive collection of street art.

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  • 14 Mar 2021

Some of The Useful Tips To Prepare Yourself For A Future Trip

As we face the restrictions and changes in daily life due to COVID-19, it’s easy to feel a little lost. And the idea of travel may seem not realistic. But that’s why we’re here, to help get you the information you need so you can plan a trip. As travelers we’re looking forward to dusting off our passports and striking out again. But until that day, we can utilize our energy preparing ourselves for that future amazing trip.

Here are some tips on how to prep for future travel from home:

Tip 1: Empower Your Thinking

You are not going to stay at home forever. So use some of your energy to plan for the future and think about your ultimate vacation. Relaxing on sunny shores, striking out on your own to a new city, a non-stop culinary quest! Lay all your dreams out there and see what sticks.

Tip 2: Learn a New Language

Utilize the time you have now to enrich yourself in preparation for that future vacation. Apps that offer free ways to learn a new language can help. Find videos that help kids learn key phrases with songs.

Tip 3: Upgrade Your Skills

Treat it like training. In order to stay fresh for that epic future vacation, find classes on skillshare that cover things like packing light for a long trip and how to make exciting travel videos.

Tip 4: Set Your Budget

For those whose livelihoods have been deeply affected by the pandemic, we understand the real-life worries that come with uncertainty. If you’re able, this is a good time to use free apps that allow you to track monthly bills and spending, so you can determine for yourself the best way to save for the future.

Tip 5: Watch Prices


While we are not sure what the world will look like in the near future, we are sure that there is a future where you confidently step on a plane to a place you have always dreamed of visiting. Whatever that destination may be, set a Price Alert to track prices for that far-away trip.

Tip 6: Explore Through Sound

Some of our favorite podcasts take us to new and exciting places, while we’re doing everyday tasks. Podcasts can help you in getting some helpful ideas and tips regarding that place. It helps you to get familiar with the culture and people of that particular country.

Tip 7: Escape Into Imaginary Worlds

Many libraries include subscription, which lets you download audiobooks, ebooks, movies and more using your library card. Or, if you’re able, support local bookstores by ordering from Bookshop – an online bookselling service powered by local, independent bookstores – perhaps by purchasing a travel guide for that future trip?

Because we’re travelers, we know that in these unprecedented times, it’s easy to focus on all the things we wish we were doing. But, also as travelers, we know how important it is to seize every opportunity to experience the world, even if it’s from the comfort of our homes, so when the time comes to travel again, we’re ready for it.

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  • 08 Mar 2021

Top paradise Destinations For Couples

It is always good to find someone you can travel with! After thinking of hundreds of hopeless candidates, you happened across that one person who makes the adventure more thrilling and memorable. Escape to one of these remote vacation destinations with your loved one and discover paradise as it should be: only two of you far away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Masoala National Park, Madagascar

Escape like a pair of clandestines to this remote and inaccessible national park. Visitors are advised to hop cargo ships to reach the leafy green rainforest and coral reefs on the northeast coast of the island. Nothing is romance like adventure.

Faroe Islands, Denmark

Believed to have been discovered by Irish Monks during the eighth century, this remote Danish territory brags lush green mountains projecting from deep inlets of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Nauru, Micronesia

Officially the least visited destination in the world, and the smallest republic at only 8 square miles, Nauru is an esoteric island country in the South Pacific. You’ll need to catch a flight via the one airline that flies here and purchase a visa, but the sugar soft sands and crystalline waters will make it worth it.

Kiribati, Central Pacific

Another tropical paradise that appears to be sinking, most people haven’t even heard of this remote island nation. Wade barefoot through the lucid tropical shallows and you’ll feel like the only two people on earth.

Fiordland, New Zealand

Remote, cavernous fjords dominate the landscape in this southwestern enclave, which has never been grounded with a permanent population. Here you’ll find some of the tallest waterfalls in the world and New Zealand’s deepest lakes, with no scar of human development to ruin it.

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  • 02 Mar 2021

Book Your Flights with Less Efforts

Picking the right flight for your international travel can be tricky. There are some of the preferences that travellers toggle between – some prefer time of travel, some only fly their favorite airline and some want a specific transit airport. But for most, there are two vital factors that dominate their decision-making – flight fare and duration of travel.

If you decide you want to reach your destination as soon as possible, flight fares are usually unreasonably expensive. So then you decide to go easy on your pocket, but now you have to circle the world twice before getting to your destination! How do you tackle this?

International travel planning can be time consuming and confusing with so many factors to consider for a flight booking like price, duration of the flight, departure time and the time you want to arrive at the destination city. Users start planning much in advance and research repeatedly over a period of time to get the most optimal fares within the parameters they are comfortable with.

User’s pain points:

1. During your research phase, you may find many flights that interest you but it is not practical to note down those flights for future reference.

2. There is no single view to compare and track the current prices of all the flights you are interested in since these flights can be across dates. This requires multiple searches.

3. International flight prices fluctuate every day. While you are in your research phase the prices can go up or down and you might miss the best price.

We strive to make your travel planning simple and enjoyable. We help you organize and compare the flights you like across various onwards and return combinations, track fares across individual itineraries and get notified if the fare is about to increase. Thereby eliminating the pressure and fatigue of researching those itineraries, and helping to get the job done with minimum effort.

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